Video: Haitians Rioting, Claiming Haiti As A US Territory

I was just made aware of the CNN iReport video showing a Haitian Riot in the streets of Les Cayes Haiti. Haitians are waving the American flag, screaming "Obama... Obama..." and literally claiming that they want Haiti to become a territory of the United States.

Nou Pa Bezwen Prezidan... (We don't need a president) They say...

Take a look at the video and you will see and heart the Frustrations of the people of Haiti literally tired of the Haitian leadership and their inability to run the country.

Thank you Jean Michel Daudier for sending me the video link

This Haitian riot happened in the Haitian city of Les Cayes on Feb 12 2010, one month after the Haiti earthquake. Some say they want the assistance of the Haitians in the Diaspora to make it happen.

If you do pay close attention to the people being interview in the video , you realize that there a frustrated with the Haitian leaders. There's even a sign somewhere in the video saying we don't want February, 2010.

It's sad to see this happening in Haiti but what can we say to the people when are standing on the outside looking in?

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Stena says...

Dear Haiti please do not give up! Obama is a trick! He is not a solution he is a puppet for bilderberg (secret world gov)
The People Of Haiti must rule Haiti!! Please create coalitions- tell the WorLd what you want! Organize.

And speak out to media any chance you

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Selenasanson says...

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Lionel Vernet says...

My name is Lionel Vernet and I live in the beautiful city of Smyrna in the State of Georgia.

I am an Haitian-American.

I am aware of the stubborness of many Haitians when it comes to give Haiti a chance as to allow a developed and civilized country like the USA or Canada to be in charge of Haiti until the People get to acquaint themselves with democracy.

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Youseline Pierre Simon says...



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Mireille says...

The people of Haiti really have no reason to riot in order to express their gratitude to the United States of America.

We must agree for the first time the people of Haiti, the have nots were treated with respect and as human beings.

We observed in CNN 2 Haitian young men un armed shot down in plain view by an Haitian officer.

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Joel says...

You are right but Haitians living abroad are treated like foreigners.

The Haitian constitution, as I understand it, prevents Haitians living abroad from entering public service.

In order for Haitians living outside to change Haiti politically, changes have to be made from the inside.

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Suze says...

woooooooooow Josy i m with you 1000%.

everythings you said, just what they're exacly true. You know what! i m sick

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Nancy says...

Thanks for your reply.

I agree that the Haitians government have fail people and that it is so true in many ways. I think the reason for that is because they don't care at all for the country, they only care for their pocket and their own interest.

I believe that there are Haitians people all over the world who knows how other country are functioning.

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Besky says...

ou fou net...

si-w konpran ameriken ka okipe Haiti.

Pa gen okenn nation o mond ki ka okipe Haiti...

dabo nou prouve-l deja avek la France an 1804 e avek ameriken an 1934...

ce nou ki pou demele giett nou, pou nou okipe tet nou komm sa dwa. Cette histoire de"occupation" foure-l nan boud

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Joel says...

You ask "Why do Haitians have to depend on another country to govern them?"

THe reason is simple:

80% of the Haitian population is unemployed and desperate and they do not think that they have a government FOR THE PEOPLE.

As proud as they may be, the leaders have failed.

Give they jobs and they will become world class

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