Video: Beyonce speaking Haitian Creole, Sak Pase?

Have you ever heard Beyonce saying "Sak Pase" in Haitian Creole?

I have her ON video saying "Sak Pase, Nap Boule"
That's Haitian Creole...
Take a look.

Many times on the Internet people are asking is Beyonce Haitian?
Well... in the video she admits to being "Creole" but what exactly is being Creole?

(video not available)

Like I said on the video, being Haitian is a bloodline, it's like being Italian or Irish, it's a heritage, claim it...

But the dispute over who is of Haitian decent in the United States, and who is not, it goes far beyond the walls of the Bayou... It's much bigger than that... As a matter of fact it expands from the swamps of Louisiana all the way into Canada.

Let me explain.

Most Americans, when they say "Creole", they are referring to the Louisiana Creole culture, The Big Easy, the Cajun cuisine, and not Haitian culture, but they seem to forget that Napoleon Bonaparte sold the Louisiana territory to the United States right after the Haitian war of independence.

Had it not been for Haiti, had it not been for OUR Haitian heroes, nearly one third of what is today the United States of America would be speaking French.

Let me tell you, for the record what Haiti represents to the United States:

There are 14 current U.S. states and two Canadian Provinces that owe a BIG FAT thank you to Haiti because they are part of the Louisiana purchase.

Want to know which 14 states? Read this page:
The Louisiana Purchase, Product of The Haitian Revolution


How did I go from Beyonce to this history lesson?

I don't know...

I guess that's how my brain operates!

My name is Woodring Saint Preux and I said it.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

@kimbo slice, wait a minute, did you call Haitian jk ass?

No you are not. First of all, no Haitian want your stupid Beyoncé, and who is she?

Uneducated, can't speak proper English, and a bad influence.

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Proud To Be Haitian says...

A big bravo to M.P. You say it all. I don't know why some Haitian claiming Beyoncé.

Beyoncé can't even speaks proper English and if it wasn't for the music industry, she would have been working for McDonalds or any fast food restaurant.

I can't believe that some Haitian would go that low claiming Beyoncé.

What exactly Beyoncé is doing to make them go crazy for

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Mp says...

I was under the impression that you were an educated person; however, based on the word that you just used, I would say not. You may be the first ghetto African I have ever encountered.

PS I would never mistaken an African from Congo as Haitian! Don't worry about that. Most of the Haitian I KNOW are mixed with French, African, Native Indian or Syrian.

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M.p. says...

I am not sure who you are or the extent of your education; however I must say that Haitian people do not need to have any claim on Beyonce.

Our culture is more about intellect rather than looks and celebrity status.

We are the first Black Republic in the world.

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Haiti Pride says...

As i'm concern about my Haiti.

After an Heavy natural disaster It's become back dated.

And bearing unmeasurable sufferings.

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Kimbo says...

very good ! to come back to Beyoncé's roots, she has roots from different background: Spanish, black louisiana, white French and even Ameridian Uma !all that in her, can you imagine ! that's what makes

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Mac says...

What difference does it make?

Being Haitian is something that one develops by being involved in the Haitian culture.

Back in the 18th century, it was a common practice for Haitian slaves to accompany their masters to Louisiana.

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Carolyn. says...

she's not hatienne, lets get a hold of

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Kimbo Slice says...

so was Louisianna colonised by Haiti, then?

Oooohh, I comes that their creole is different from the one spoken in Haiti, then?

I have been to Louisiana, my girlfriend is from lake Charles in Louisiana, she's a pure black American, she can speak creole but she has no Haitian roots ! Beyonce speaks poorly Louisana creole but she has no Haitian roots like my girlfriend ! I'm African myself from CONGO and I can speak creole too ex: en sav pale creole kom zote ! does it mean that I have Haitian roots, now?

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Christelle says...

i'm glad i hear beyonce speaking creole, anyway beyonce creole is a goog=d language just continue to practie it .i'm haitian too i love my creole not just because i'm haitian so i love it just that i love it cuz it's nice language but i know it's hard for u to practice it will be good for but just practice .anyway try to memorize the words

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