Vice President Biden Spent Easter In Little Haiti Miami

Today, while president Obama, his wife, and kids were at the white house hunting for Easter eggs, his Robin, vice president Joe Biden, he was in little Haiti, Miami, reassuring the Haitian community leaders that Haiti is still in the mind of the Obama Administration.

That's nice, considering that he could've been in the White House as well talking to the Easter bunny... But no... Vice President Biden spent Easter weekend in South Florida with the Haitian people.

He has been in Florida since Saturday.

I would love to tell you that Joe Biden was in little Haiti all this time eating rice and griot but I would be lying.

Joe did meet with Haitian community leaders on Saturday according to one news source but Easter Sunday he was at a fundraiser in Naples collecting some Dola!

For Haiti? Yeah! Right!

He was at a fundraiser to raise money for the Democratic Party.

By the way, if you missed all the fun at the White House Easter Egg Roll 2010, we have all the videos here. the cast of Glea were there, Justin Bieber, and many more...

Earlier today, Vice President Biden reminded the Haitian community in Little Haiti of a promise he made on his last visit in January, right after the Haiti earthquake:

"We're in this for the long haul," he said. "This wasn't about just showing up to deal with the emergency that existed at the time. We realize just because the earthquake may have receded from the front pages, and I say to you that, we'll be here even when the crawler under the CNN news headline does not continue to mention Haiti, We are going to stay."

He added: "We have no reduced commitment. The president continues to remain committed to rebuilding Haiti, and rebuilding it better. We made a promise and it is a promise just not to pick up the rubble but also to try and get Haiti on its feet, and quite frankly on their feet in a way they haven't been for some time."

Jacqueline Charles wrote a nice piece about it in the Sun Sentinel and we did find a short video about Joe Biden in Little Haiti, take a look.

Who knows...

If we're really lucky, Joe Biden will spend the summer in Haiti.

Wouldn't that be cool?

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Miggy says...

To see how the administration is reassuring on their promise to remain for the long haul is just amazing.

Let's us all Haitians be grateful and thankful for their support and all other countries that are determine not to abandon us this

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