Haiti News Updates

Did IDB tell its employees in Haiti to seek refuge in the Dominican Republic?

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) is encouraging its employees in Haiti to leave the country and go to the Dominican Republic instead. more »

Journalist Bob C. paints the grim reality of where Haiti will be 10 to 15 years from now with all the schools closed in the ghettos of the capital.

Haitian Journalist Roberde Celine dit Bob C., L'original, le vrai, l'unique en son genre! Journalist Bob C. analyzes the situation when he discovered that more than 200 schools have been shut down in the ghettos surrounding Port-au-Prince Haiti. more »

Haiti Gang who kidnapped 17 American missionaries wants $1,000,000 U.S. per hostage

Haiti Gang Violence - Who is 400 Mawozo? 400 Mawozo, the powerful Haiti gang who kidnapped 17 American and Canadian missionaries wants to get paid USD $1,000,000 for each hostage. No more nor less. more »

Haiti holds the record for the world's highest kidnapping rate per capita, The Washington Post reports

Haitians are screaming down with kidnapping but no one is coming to the rescue, not the government not the so call friends of Haiti A few days ago I reported that Haiti is beating world records just as the Dominican Republic is beating records. Well here it is from the lion's mouth. more »

You cannot complain now - Every time the police arrest a bandit some media keep saying they are militants

Le Nouvelliste Journalist Roberson Geffrard had enough with the criminals of Martissant A few days ago, Le Nouvelliste journalist Roberson Geffrard tweeted: "Martissant encore et encore impraticable... Bandi yo pa gen okenn limit! Terrible #Haiti" more »

Haiti travel update - Flights to Haiti are empty, the diaspora is not flying home

There is a video circulating on social media showing a flight going to Haiti that is literally empty. Only a few passengers were spottted on that flight. more »

Armed Bandits break into the residence of Monsignor Louis Kebreau in Laboule Haiti Saturday

The private residence of Haitian Monsignor Louis Kebreau was attacked on Saturday, October 16 2021. more »

FLASH : 17 American Missionaries kidnapped in Haiti by armed gang members

After Martelly/Lamothe arrested rich man Clifford Brandt, kidnapping stopped in Haiti for a very long time. Who do they have to arrest this time? Up to 17 American missionaries have been kidnapped in Haiti by gang members Saturday, Haitian officials said. New York Times, CNN, everyone is talking about it. more »

Haitians deported by the Biden Administration thinks Haiti is hell, many are attempting to leave again

Del Rio Texas: White man on a horse gathering black Haitians like slaves - You probably thought it was a slave movie Many of the Haitians who were deported back to Haiti recently by the Biden Administration say they will leave the country again the first chance they get because the Haiti has gotten much worse since they left. more »

Haiti sending unused and expiring Covid-19 vaccines back to the United States

The United States donated 500,000 doses off the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine to Haiti back in July most of which have not been used and will expire in November. Haiti is returning them back to the USA so that they can be sent elsewhere in the world where needed most. more »