Uber in Haiti - If only Motocycles were allowed

Does Uber operate in Haiti? NOPE! I don't think so. meanwhile, Uber transportation service is operating in two major cities in the neighboring Dominican Republic.

Uber in Haiti

What is Uber and How does it work?

Uber is basically an alternative to taxis. You install the uber app on your smartphone, when you need a ride to go somewhere, you use the Uber app to tell Uber your pickup location.

Uber sends a driver to pick you up and take you to your destination. Uber is cheaper than taking a taxi cab and payment is handled electronically.

Could something like this work in Haiti?

Hmmm... I will leave it up to you guys to discuss it.

Question: Do you ride with Uber? Are you an Uber driver? Would you like to see Uber operate in Haiti?

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Jasmine says...

I ride often with Uber all over the world, Why not in Haiti?

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Joe says...

I would love to see Uber operate in Haiti.

Uber would be a great source if income for new generation Haitian drivers and something new and different in the country of traffic jams.

cant wait!

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Hermann Vendryes says...

Yes tes Yes

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