Haiti-USA Visa Question : Should Husband and Wife Apply for a Visa at the Same Time?

A Haitian couple asked me this US VISA question: "Should my Husband and I apply for a US visa at the same time? We are planing a vacation trip to the US for the first time, BUT some people are telling us if we both apply for a visa at the same time, the consul may think we are trying to leave the country and give us a REFU... Please help..."

En Haiti, Yon VISA Americain se GWO Koze...

I do not personally know the answer to this question AND I would love to hear what a US embassy personnel has to say about it.

There are many people in Haiti who believe everything they hear about reasons why you will get a REFU (visa refusal) when you go to the embassy for an interview.

What is wrong with a husband and a wife coming going to the Embassy on the same day to request a visa because they wish to visit the United States together on a nice romantic vacation? Why would somebody make them believe they will be denied that visa if they do together to the visa appointment?

If you are a U.S. Embassy personnel in Port-au-Prince, perhaps you can post an honest answer for us so I can share it with this lovely couple.

QUESTION: When applying for a US Visa, is it recommended for a husband an wife couple to go together and apply if they wish to travel together?

What do you think about that?

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Georges Eugene I asked this question to Peter Loblack" on Facebook, and here is his reply: The answer is correct, those applying as a couple or family are unlikely... see more
Reply · July 24 at 8:41 AM

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Subject: Haiti-USA Visa Question : Should Husband and Wife Apply for a Visa at the Same Time? edit

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