There is Hope for Haiti is Hope for Haiti Election is the only way to change government in a democratic country; therefore, the international community has a duty to assist Haiti in that regard.

Haiti has organized the first free election in the free world in the 1990’s and it could be great to reiterate that exploit in this upcoming election.

I take this unique opportunity to say a Big Thank You to Dr. Ron Daniels and Dr. Andrew Young for initiating a dialogue among opposing foes.

When I see sitting in the same conference room successful professors, Ph. D. folks, successful professionals, political foes, publisher, tèt maré and common people; I again say thank you to Dr. Andrew Young a famous and a successful civil rights leader and to Dr. Ron Daniels who has an unconditional love for Haiti.

Despite of what many might say, there is hope for Haiti.

Side Note

to comment about the elections,

Communication and honest dialogue are among the most powerful tool to resolve dispute and the antagonists start talking and this alone is a sign of progress in the Haitian Phenomenon.

We are here today because of past mistakes, now it is not the time to lay blame on anyone but how can we work together to remove Haiti from where it is.

The Haitian people need all the assistance they can get from the Haitian Diaspora, from various international organizations, from various nations and particularly the Congressional Black Caucus and also the Haitians need to engage in a truth and honest dialogue and compromise among themselves.

Regardless of the assistance that we will be provided to the Haitian people in Haiti, it is up to them to change the culture of hate, the mistrust and work collaboratively to salvage what they have left and continue working with all sectors in peace and choosing a non-violence approach.

Without a doubt, I believe that we all love Haiti and we would like to see changes taking place.

Regardless of where we stand in the ladder, we all have some common good ideas such as providing food to the people, creating job and opportunity, health care, Education, proper housing and as well as saving the land by planting trees which is becoming an urgent necessity.

Each sector as a role to play in preventing further the deterioration of the state of Haiti, the 43 members of the Congressional Black Caucus are our back bone support in initiating through the U.S. congress some bills that can help the country.

Also, a successful election is required to bring normalcy to Haiti.

All the sectors including the Lavalas and the group 184 shall take part in this coming election that will restore hope and democracy to Haiti.

I urge each of you to urge every Haitian citizen to register and vote and I call upon each of you to ask the CEP to extend the registration deadline and be flexible with some dates.

Since all the parties will take part in the election, we shall focus more in registering more people.

Hopefully the Haitian people will vote for the best candidate but every single leader shall envision in establishing a coalition government that shall include Lavalas, group 184, MID and so on.

Winner takes it all is not going to work, we need to share power, we need to identify skillful people from various groups and create a coalition government.

For this reason, Haiti needs a new style of leader, a team player and someone who is good at working with people.

It is great to be president and it is great to occupy the highest office of the country, but the government must serve the people and not the people to serve the government.

Therefore, there must be accountability; there must be a check and balance. And for this reason, I urge all the candidates to go for a mission.

The presidency is not a privilege but a responsibility.

The country needs an individual that does not have too many baggages and the people may be willing to give a chance.

Your mission is to identify the best person who can lead the country and support him/her.

Haiti needs someone who is open-minded that can be trusted first by the Haitian people; second, The Haitian Diaspora; third, the International Community; fourth, the business sectors; and fifth, the working class.

And this person must be able to establish a link and reduce the tension between they Have not and those who have plenty, he/she must be able to use diplomacy to bring various classes and various groups together.

And last which is the most important thing reducing the insecurity phenomenon by creating jobs, providing incentive for entrepreneurs to invest in neglected areas and give hope to the people.

Ladies and Gentlemen: Haiti needs a visionary leader, someone who can give hope to the people and someone with whom people will feel secure to invest and secure to work with.

All candidates shall have an action plan that shall move the country forward.

We need to stay away from charismatic leaders who are telling you what you want to hear.

Joseph Alfred
P.O. BOX 1022
Douglasville, GA 30133

Side Note

to comment about the elections,

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Michel says...

a society in the verge of change is like a teanager going through puberty.

lots of things happen, but in the end, a change will happen.

Haiti is only 200 years old, that's very young for a

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