The Secret - Haiti Chanje Wi, L-ap Tann Ou!

If you are one of those people who have been saying that Haiti will never change, then... you owe Haiti, the Haitian people, the Haitian government, AND yourself a BIG apology.

Haiti - Change You Can Believe In"Ayiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!"

In English, that means of Haiti has change, she's waiting for you to change!

Have you heard about
The Law of Attraction?

If you think good, good things happen.
If you think bad, bad things happen,

It's called... The Law of Attraction,
and... That's The Secret

This quote is something that I have been saying for a while now. I am sure my friend Herold Israel will agree with me on that because he is the one I have been saying it to.

Dirijan... Ayiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!


I even wanted to make some videos of regular Haitian people saying "Ayiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!" and put those videos on YouTube to a to start a positive and optimistic campaign for Haiti, my beloved country.

Haiti has change, she's waiting for you to change!

If you begin to think of Haiti as though it has already changed, then all the changes that are happening with happen much faster. All the people who are bringing change to Haiti will be even more motivated.

So, next time you meet a pessimist who says:

"Haiti... Eh Hehhh... Haiti pap janm chanje !

(Haiti, are you're kidding me? Haiti will NEVER change) you will know exactly what to tell them:

"Ayiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!"

Just smile... then leave...

Have you heard about the Bees and the Rattle Snakes you read Rene Godefroy's book No Condition Is Permanent, then you already know about the Bees and the rattle snakes

Think about it, if you keep telling your kids how stupid they they are, they will eventually grow up to prove to you how stupid they can be because you already believe that there are stupid.

Don't you agree?

Lately, I have been hearing many positive things about Haiti. In the weeks to come, I will be posting some updates on the Haitian Internet Blog about all the new positive changes that are taken place in Haiti.

You don't have to wait for me to mention all of it, you can post your own comments on the message board and share with the rest of the world all the good news about Haiti Cherie.

"Ayiti chanje wi... L-ap tann ou!"

Non pam se Woodring Saint Preux, se mwen ki di sa! :)

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Pierre B says...

I know Haiti will change one day, but we haitians still have a lot to be done...

I love this county to death no matter

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Josi says...

Haiti has alot of promise I'm looking forward to seeing it grow and flourish as other countries have. I also pride myself on teaching my children that you have to want more out of life in order to get get it and being positive is the way to do so.I can't wiat to take my children home to be in the country who fought freedom and won. Nen pot ki jan lakay se lakay.

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Sherlie says...

Se rèv mwen, wè peyi'm nan tounen kom avan, san kidnaping, volè toupatou.M'toujou swete wè pèp ayisien nan bon amoni, paske lè'm m'ap gade jan lot natyon sansib pou peyi yo, si ayisien te fè otan, peyi-a te deja sove. M gen konfians, e m"'rete kwè ke chanjman sa-a pa

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Adelet says...


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