The Bigger Prison - It's about a Green Card

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet to the ground"

- Theorode Rosevelt -

Living in the United States without a Creen Card is a real prison.
Article by: Woodring Saint Preux

No matter how bad it is at home, no matter how expensive life is, it's a hard thing to live with.

I wrote this poem back in 1997... before today, I never really shared it with anyone outside of my family... and If I did, I never really explained it.

I wrote it because I was living in the United States without a green card.

After 16 long years I finaly got to smell the Haitian Air once again. Because I left there since I was 14 years old, I can't begin to tell you how important the little things were when I saw them again.

The hardest part to swallow was the fact that most of the people who were dear to me passed away before I could see them.

Today, I dedicate this poem in their memory...

  • Gran' Adrienne, my only grandmother
  • Gess (Gesner Paul), The best cook in all of Hinche, Haiti
  • Marainne Lolotte, my father's sister who never stopped giving until the day she died.


I committed no crime, yet, I'm a prisoner
I was never convicted, yet, I'm in jail
Real prisoners get to see their family members
Though trough thick glass, It must feel good

I'm stuck in here with mom, dad, and a brother
I haven't seen my the rest in years
They cannot come to visit me
The warden will not let me out

Life sometimes has invisible bars
Much stronger than the real ones
The tool needed to escape, paper thin
It is not easy to find, hard to believe

Immorality is the key, the quick way out
I can't do that, I'm too proud of myself
I may get to a point were I'll have to drop it
Live with the shame, live free

Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep
Someone dear to me has died
I can't even go the funeral
I'm a prisoner in life's penitentiary

The yard is quite big, I can move around
There are many advantages for all inmates
I can't go home, that's my biggest concern
A man has to do what a man has to do

The parole board has me on a waiting list
The list is as long as never
I hope to be free someday
Free to go wherever I please, home

Grandma promised to live until she sees me again
She is very sick and I afraid to call her
Why must life be so cruel to some
I didn't even choose to be a prisoner

I live in a constant lie
So deep that I forget the truth
What's the truth anyway
If it sounds good to you, it is true

© 1997 Woodring Saint Preux

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Doudou Hey David, IF YOU GET THIS MESSAGE, EMAIL ME AT stgRandy01 [at] it's an old friend. hope to hear from you. peace.
Reply · December 23 at 7:19 PM
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Reply · November 16 at 11:31 PM
Topic I was astonished after reading the poem. Although I knew how the immigration policies of this country were hard on immigrants. It felt even more... see more
Reply · August 20 at 1:10 AM
Topic Felicitations mon cher. Tu as montre tes sentiments envers ta famille,ton pays,ta nationalite,ton sang,ta couleur et ton rang social. j'aime ca.
Reply · August 18 at 5:46 PM
Topic It hurts me badly when i read your poem it touches my heart deeply. I can not say that i suffer the same thing but i know how hard it feels when you... see more
Reply · August 18 at 9:50 AM
Topic WOW, Oh my God!!!!!! That is all I could say. Did you read? I cried reading your poem. I believe even to people such as my self as a little girl... see more
Reply · May 27 at 9:15 PM
Topic This Poems tauch me too.
Reply · December 15 at 11:19 AM
Topic There are a lot of people going through this right now. I really appreciate the poem it is heart felt. We has haitian people need to learn how to... see more
Reply · December 11 at 8:41 AM
Topic The poem realy touches me,I am still in that green card jail and what is killing me inside, is that after four years of college in Haiti, I find my... see more
Reply · December 06 at 9:25 PM
Topic to my friend judy i worry about you i hope you are able to have a strong mind. we thought you would be home by now. my friend, your brother is... see more
Reply · November 24 at 12:31 AM
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