Tell your friends in Miami vote Haitian

I was getting ready to tell you wonderful weekend I had and how I found all the fun right here in the Haitian Community but there is something more important to discuss.

Today is voting day in Miami.

Go out and VOTE!

Vote Haitian.

There is a time to fight, there is a time to he united.

When you live in a foreign land like the Unites States of America, you will ONLY earn your respect when your community earns the reputation of being united.

I've noticed that the best way foreigners use us as Haitians is to use the only tool they know: DIVIDE AND CONQUER!

This does not work any more. it is time for all us to burn into our brain what is in our flag:


Call everyone you know in Miami, tell them to vote Haitian

This is not an advertisement; I am not getting paid for this.

If you are a young Haitian American and you cannot vote, be sure to tell your parents to vote Haitian

It is a matter of pride.

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Nana says...

my commment is that I'am so sad when i hear the disgrace, vicious, and deception acts of haitians doing in haiti.

In hurting the strangers that visiting the country not only that they hurting their kind its all a shame to see that. I think you guys need to do something help the people

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Fabie says...

Its alright to vote haitians if only when the haitians get in power they remember to represent in good way. I say this to u all Vote whats right and good, don't vote anybody because they haitians, vote what would be in our best interest.

Se peuple mwen yee so si map vote se yon moun ki ka travail avek mwen, not someone who thinks they better, or someone who thinks because they at a level position they should act up..So my opinion is don't vote Brutus because his haitian, cause brutus does not care about us he cares abt his pocket, and accomplisment.Vote someone who

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Herold Israel says...

If you are a young Haitian American and you cannot vote, be sure to tell your parents to vote Haitian.

That's what all the other communities are doing

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Haitian Bro says...

vote 125 - phillipe brutus

this is a great alternative, please everyone go out and vote.

The haitian community needs

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