Teaching in Haiti

Haiti Public School Teachers Salary will increase in October 2017

Good news for public school teachers in Haiti... As of October 2017 Haitian public school teachers will see an increase of 20 to 30 percent...

Haiti Education Crisis - Thousands of Haitian school teachers getting paid to teach NOBODY...

You often hear about the Haitian school teacher who is constantly on strike because he is teaching students and is not getting paid but did you now about the teachers in Haiti who are getting paid and have never stood in front a classroom?

Haitian Teachers insulted after being served sliced mangoes for dessert

True story, a group of Haitian teachers were very upset after they were served sliced mangoes for dessert at a Haitian convention... They felt insulted BUT guess what happened at the same time?

Haiti Education - 30000 Teachers to Receive Their Provisional Teaching Licences

Haiti Education Update -- The ministry of education (MENF) has made available 30,000 provisional teaching licenses (PPE) across the country to teachers across the country... If you have been waiting for your PPE, head to your nearest Direction Departmental d'Education (DDE)

Haiti Teacher Guy Etienne, Top 10 Finalist for "Nobel Prize" of teaching award

Guy Pressoir, a Haitian school teacher from College Catts Pressoir in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, is among the top 10 finalists nominated for the Global Teacher Prize, a $1 million award that is considered the "Nobel Prize for teaching..." Wow... Is this Great news or what?

Haiti Education - All teachers required to pass a test and become certified to teach

Haiti's education department is starting to require all teachers to pass a test and become certified if they want to remain in the classroom, one of several efforts to improve education in a country with dire rates of illiteracy and drop outs...

Haiti - Students are protesting because teachers are on strike

In Haiti right now there is a chain of events that directly linked to the Senate of the Republic: Students are now on strike because There is no class, because teachers are on strike because they are not paid enough. But what does that have to do with the Senate? Keep reading...