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Haiti - Oreste Previlon, Father of Slain PHTK Candidate Lionel Previlon Dies after Son Burial

Lyonel Previllon, Candidat PHTK Desdunes Desdunes Haiti - Less than one week after the death of PHTK Candidate Lionel Previlon, his father, Oreste Previlon, dies Wednesday 02 Mar 2016, according to Radio Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti - Ex president Martelly attends Funeral of Murdered PHTK Candidate Lionel Previlon

Lyonel Previllon, Candidat PHTK Desdunes Haiti - The funeral of Lionel Previlon, a PHTK candidate for depute of Desdunes murdered, took place at Eglise Sacre-Coeur de Turgeau. Ex President Michel Martelly and presidential candidate Jovenel Moise were in attendance... more »

Haiti - Lionel Previlon, PHTK Candidate found Dead near Presidential Candidate Vehicle

Lyonel Previllon, Candidat PHTK Desdunes Lionel Previlon, an active member of the PHTK political party, close friend of candidate Jovenel Moise and a Candidate for depute, was found dead Wednesday in Delmas 75 near president candidate Jovenel Moise's vehicle... more »