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Haiti Loans Vs Jobs - Which One Comes First?

Haiti Open For Business Question: Would you lend money to someone if you knew he will not be able to pay you back? more »

Haiti's Debt, $1.2 Billion, Cancelled

Haiti President Rene Preval EXTRA, EXTRA, Read All About it... $1.2 billion of Haiti's debt was cancelled yesterday, June 30 2009, by three international organizations. more »

Fouye! - The Idea Factory

Many people ask me why I try so hard to provide FREE services to my Haitian community... more »

Money is a Necessity but... Making Money is Just a Game!

There is a secret I want to share with you today. more »

Teach Your Haitian Kids About Money

When I was growing up in Hinche, Haiti, 10 cents (2 US pennies) was a lot of money. more »

The Land Lord Vs. The Internet Marketer

If you don't want to be rich, then maybe this article will not mean much to you But... If you're looking for any alternative to working the nine to five... then you will love this article more »

How to raise money for starting a business - part 2

If you recall last week you read part 1 this article. If you missed it, you can find it in the Haitian Newsletter Archives more »

Teach your kids the mysteries of money

Helping your child learn the right stuff ## respect for money and the links between work and money and saving ## could be one of the best things you can do for them. more »

The Haitian 'Zoreille Bourique' vs The American 'Green Back'

The US Dollar, Some Haitians Call it 'Caesar' Why does the American Dollar keep going up and up in in Haiti with no sign of slowing down? more »

How to Make Money Online Without a Website

USA Money dollar bill In most Haitian homes, The only money that comes in is in the form of a paycheck. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could add some extra income to that paycheck? more »