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VIDEO : Haitian president Jovenel Moise subject of Comedy on Social Media

Watch this video... Haitians on social media are having lots of fun with their president Jovenel Moise after he stuttered the word "presbytérale"

Haiti Kreyol - Kijan yo di "Ipokrit Yo Sezi" an Francais? W-a sezi tande sa... LOL

Haitien toujou ap di "Ipokrit yo sezi" men èske nou konnen kijan yo di "Ipokrit yo sezi" an Francais??? Hmmmm??? W-a sezi tande sa... Men Tradiksyon an pitit... LOL...

Haitian Creole Vs. French - One makes you smile, one gives you an attitude problem

There is a HUGE difference between Haitian Creole and Le Francais (French)... The Haitian Creole language is the language of SMILES... You smile when you are speaking Creole... French, on the other hand, is the language of ATTITUDE.

Humor - Only Black Folks!

Only Black Folks....