The Haitian media criticizes a lot and almost never congratulate a job well done but what if?

There's one thing I notice about the Haitian media: They criticize a lot but they almost never congratulate you when you are doing a good job. What is they tried in different approach?

In Haiti there are so many Things that make you go Hmmm...

Let me tell you a story.

There was this man who was working as a custodian in a school. He was doing such a terrible job at cleaning the classrooms that a supervisor was called in to do an evaluation to fire him.

When the supervisor arrived, he walked in each and every room that the custodian cleaned. He arrived in one specific classroom and said: "Wow you did a wonderful job in this classroom!"

The custodian replied: "This is Mrs Smith's classroom. She is really nice to me!"

"She is really nice to you isn't she?" the supervisor replied. "I tell you what... If you can clean all the other classrooms just like this one, I will give you the best review you ever had."

When the supervisor came back a week later, all the other classrooms were spic and span, just like Mrs Smith's.

I wonder what would happen in Haiti the people who are always criticizing actually point out the good in people first!

What do you think about that?

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Paul Dja says...

Bròdé, yon tipo: èspisifisité.

LOL! Mo sa-a pa ayisyin.

M'té doé ékri: poin patikilyé; bagay péyi-a

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Paul Dja says...

Bròdè, ou tapé pil poal sou yon èspisité péyi nou. Sé pou sa ké gin moune ki jiska prézan koè ké moin pa ayisyin, pa yon moune Okap. Ou li moin tou tan é ou rémàké ké moin rémésyé é moin kritiké.


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Negbelair says...

All Haitians are like that not just the media that's why progress won't ever be made in

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Aly Jean Louis Sr says...

I think the press or one of the media should publish weekly one good deed by a random official of the Haitian government, and stress on anything positive he/she may have accomplished throughout the

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Subject: The Haitian media criticizes a lot and almost never congratulate a job well done but what if? edit

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