Haiti - Compas Music vs Religion : Why do Haitian musicians abandon Compas Music when they convert into Christianity?

Here is something that I do not understand with Haitian music stars, as soon as they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior (konvèti) they abandon compas music like music is the devil. Why is that?

Ayiti - Konpa Mizik kont Relijyon: Poukisa mizisyen ayisyen abandone Konpa lè yo konvèti?
Ayiti - Konpa Mizik kont Relijyon: Poukisa mizisyen ayisyen abandone Konpa lè yo konvèti?

If you are a Christian, I am know you cannot wait to reply and tell me why but hear me out...

I watch the American Music Awards all the time. Whether it is country music, hip-hop, R&B, Rock and Roll, you name it, the American music stars always thank God first whenever they receive a music award. Aint none of them feel that they are involved in something that is so wrong that they have to abandon it for Jesus.

Who says you have to quit playing compas music just because you are a Christian? Why do Haitian music artists do it?

Where did that come from?

I cannot wait to read your comment about this. Please explain it to me...

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Ralph Leon says...

Yes exactly you mentioned it, MUSIC is the DEVIL.

You are also name the American Music Award, c la me'm Satan pran nou-an, you never heard about Illuminati music industry ok then that's what you see all the Hollywood people ki nan business music industry sa ou wè pi fô ou anpil rich Jan ou wè yo rich c paské they sale their SOUL to the EVIL. Unfortunately anpil moun'n ki pa nan JÉZI yo pap konpran'n paské yap swiv sa mond lan ap ofri yo ...

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Sheba says...

Good morning writer.

I am a Christian myself.

I read Your article and wanted to respond the best way i can.

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Stephen says...

No music is inherently satanic.

This issue is similar to the issue of meat offered to idols addressed in 1 Corintians chapter 8 and holidays addressed in Romans chapter 14. Things like these are not necessarily sinful, but if someone is used to using them in a sinful way, they can hurt his/her conscience and if it does, then it may be best to avoid

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Patrick Pierre says...

Honestly, I think Christianity is the biggest mind (f....d) screw up there is...

one of its purpose is to control, direct and enslaved the mind for many (specific) reasons...

Had they only known that living a spiritual life is simply a way of life in accordance with the laws given by the most high Yahweh...

( not any particular religion) (selman yon fason pou mounn viv avek la wa garand mèt

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Magumbo G Muntu says...

This is the fact for African people all over the world(And yes we are still A Africans even though we are born in Haiti, But we are the only people who don't know our selves, for example we are the only race that have a so-called God that do not look like us. Some white jeasus, the lie because jesus was not white at all. But we African people in the world need to start loving our selves, Who give us the talent in the first place, it was not some white-Jesus, Africa is the cradle of man kjnd, So-called white people know it but we African people don't, anymore that's what Colonialism has given us, hate our selves and love everyone else. Indian, Chinese, Europeans.

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Jonas says...

The answer to this inquiry is that the so-called evangelical brand of Christianity is a mixture of number of number American culture and a narrow interpretation of biblical tradition.

This combination relegate all non european matters as being of the devil.

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Angeline says...

I also would like to understand why the Haitian Christian community portrays Compas music as the devil's music?

For one, God is the one who bestowed the artists with the talent to do musics (all types of musics)

My husband is a music producer and a compas band owner, and many of my family members are against our relationship because he is a musician.

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Subject: Haiti - Compas Music vs Religion : Why do Haitian musicians abandon Compas Music when they convert into Christianity? edit

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