Religious Conflict in Haiti

As religious as Haiti is, there is a huge conflict of Religion in Haiti. The issue seems to be with Voodoo practices Vs Protestantism. To Haitian Protestants, everything associated with vodou is evil.


Haiti - Compas Music vs Religion : Why do Haitian musicians abandon Compas Music when they convert into Christianity?

Here is something that I do not understand with Haitian music stars, as soon as they accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and savior (konvèti) they abandon compas music like music is the devil. Why is that?

Are Evangelical Missionaries in Haiti really MISERY Tourists?

I recently read an article that calls Evangelical missionaries in Haiti "misery tourists" who target Vodou believers as souls in need of salvation from the grip of Satan... Do you agree with this notion?

Haitian Christian, Do you have a Problem with Other Religions, Vodou Specifically?

True or False? A Haitian Christian will walk into a Chinese restaurant and order chicken wings with pork fried rice even though there is a statue of BUDDHA on the counter with a bowl of rice in front of it, lighting lamps, burning incense, and other offerings in front of BUDDHA... BUT... Should a Haitian restaurant owner dares to add any picture in his/her restaurant that resembles vodou, even as a decor, chances are, that customer may not order, or worse, he/she may never return.