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Finally the rain has come, now Haitian Farmers can start planting their crops

Haiti Agriculture : A crop field lays empty as farmers wait for rainfall to plant crops The rain for many in Haiti is a blessing. Rainfall is good news for many Haitian farmers who can finally put some seed in the earth to grow into crops. more »

Definition: Le paysan Haitien - Y a-t-il de vrais agriculteurs en Haiti?

Haiti: Peyi sa pa Ofri anyen, CHILI tèt Dwat Pour bien comprendre le problème agricole en Haiti, il faut savoir la véritable différence entre un agriculteur Haitien et un paysan Haitien. more »

Poverty is MORE visible in Haiti - True or False?

Haiti - Eske Politicien Haitien yo ap panse pou moun sa yo? There is poverty everywhere in the world but in Haiti poverty is simply more visible. People with money in Haiti look POOR. So if you don't have money it is even worse... more »

Haiti - Peasant leaders are TIRED of all the LIES and deception in Haitian Politics

PHOTO: Haiti Politics - Peasants Leaders Tired or Candidate LIARS A peasant leader complains he has lost his ability to assemble people for political purposes due to the amount of lies and deceptions in Haitian politics... "They've lost their trust in me," he says, "because of those who lie to me to get elected"... more »

Haitian Planters complaining about too much rain these days

PHOTO: Haiti -  4 Haitien chita nan yon lakou andeyo ap kale pwa Many Haitian planters are complaining about the rain... Too much rain, they cannot plant their crops... Isn't that funny? When there's no rain there is a problem, when there is rain there is a problem... more »

HAITI - There is another life high in the countryside mountaintops

Sou tet morne pays d'Haiti... LOL... After the Gonaives Carnaval, I decided to go with a friend to re-visit Les Cayes... Except this time, we chose not to stay in the city but go high in the mountains near the commune of Chantal... Deep inside Torbeck... To visit my friend's grand parents... I had to leave my car behind and walk uphill nearly an hour... Beyond the treacherous walk is a paradise that most Haitian city slickers know nothing about... more »

Food Conservation in Haiti: Eat the whole thing before it spoils...

Bannan miske, pwa je nwa, mayi vet, Pwodui jaden Haiti Yes Haiti is a poor country but, as far as FOOD is concerned, I think a lot of it is going to waste... There seems to be a lack good food conservation techniques in application in Haiti that I can see... more »

Haiti Stories - The Little Boy and the Orange Tree

Anba Kolonbye - Under The Granary - Haiti Countryside, Maissade Growing up in Haiti, my neighbor had a farm not too far from town. I used to go there from time to time to snack up on some fruits. more »

Would You Drink River Water in Haiti?

Guayamouc River - Sully (Hinche Haiti) QUESTION: If you grew up in Haiti, then moved to the USA or Canada for 17 years, would you ever grab a cup of river water (dlo riviere) and drink it? more »

The Morning Star, it Reminded me of my Grand Mother in Haiti

Haiti Identification Card - Carte d'Identite I woke up early this morning and saw the morning star, it reminded me of my grand mother, Grann Adrienne! more »