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Haiti Television - Why call it Television NATIONALE when it is NOT?

Haiti's government television (TNH) is anything but "National." It is more like Television Port-au-Prince since only Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas can watch it.

FLASH: Haiti - Pierre Louis Opont's Television Station attacked by Armed Gunmen

Tele Pluriel, a Haitian TV Station belonging to former CEP president Pierre Louis Opont and his wife, journalist Marie Lucie Bonhomme, was attacked late Thursday night by armed gunmen...

Haiti Television - Analog to Digital TV Deadline 15 Jun 2015

Did you know? There is a 15 Jun 2015 Deadline for all Haiti Television broadcast to go Digital... How is this analog to digital going? Are the television stations ready?

Haiti Plans To Switch Over to Digital Broadcasting by 2015

Did you know about a plan in Haiti to switch over to digital Television broadcasting in 2015?

Haiti Media - Hinche - 7 Radio Stations and 3 TV Stations Shut Down

CONATEL shutdown 7 radio station in Hinche Haiti and 3 television stations Thursday, 21 Mar 2013, saying that there radio stations are operating illegally.