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I live in Haiti, a 72 inch flat screen TV is not a necessity!

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti? I paid so much money to carefully pack my big screen TV and ship it to Haiti when I was moving there. But when I arrived, I realized that my flat screen TV was more of a "bibelot" and anything else. more »

Haiti Television - Why call it Television NATIONALE when it is NOT?

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti? Haiti's government television (TNH) is anything but "National." It is more like Television Port-au-Prince since only Port-au-Prince and the surrounding areas can watch it. more »

FLASH: Haiti - Pierre Louis Opont's Television Station attacked by Armed Gunmen

Haiti Elections - Pierre Louis Opont ap Resevwa Bilten Elektoral yo Tele Pluriel, a Haitian TV Station belonging to former CEP president Pierre Louis Opont and his wife, journalist Marie Lucie Bonhomme, was attacked late Thursday night by armed gunmen... more »

Haiti Television - Analog to Digital TV Deadline 15 Jun 2015

PHOTO: Old Television Set - Remember Public Televisions in Haiti? Did you know? There is a 15 Jun 2015 Deadline for all Haiti Television broadcast to go Digital... How is this analog to digital going? Are the television stations ready? more »

Haiti Plans To Switch Over to Digital Broadcasting by 2015

Haiti Technology Did you know about a plan in Haiti to switch over to digital Television broadcasting in 2015? more »

Haiti Media - Hinche - 7 Radio Stations and 3 TV Stations Shut Down

broadcast antennas in haiti CONATEL shutdown 7 radio station in Hinche Haiti and 3 television stations Thursday, 21 Mar 2013, saying that there radio stations are operating illegally. more »