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Haiti prison break attempt in Gonaives failed

Haiti Prison Break There was a attempted prison break in the Haitian city of Gonaives Sunday night. The attempt failed leaving 4 prisoners wounded. more »

FLASH: 3 Prisoners escape from Croix-des-Bouquet prison in Haiti Wednesday

Haiti Prison Break 3 prisoners escaped from the civil prison of Croix-des-Bouquets Haiti Last night, Wednesday. No details so far as to how they escaped or how dangerous these prisoners are. more »

Haiti Prison Break - SONSON La Familia DID NOT Escape...

Haitian prisonner Woodley Etheard aka SONSON La Familia DID NOT Escape from the Haiti Prison Break although he had the chance to... Stay tuned... more »

Haiti First Lady installs Television sets for Women Prisoners in Cabaret Prison

Haitian women prisoners in the Cabaret can now enjoy watching television inside the woman prison in Cabaret Haiti thanks to first lady Martine Moise. more »

Death Penalty in Haiti, YES or NO?

Tonton Bicha, Police Officer Capital punishment, death penalty or execution is abolished in Haiti by the 1987 constitution; however, some Haitian citizens are are questioning whether of not it should be reinstated due some of the cold blood, willful and premeditated murders that are taking place in parts of the country, especially to uniformed police officers who are being murdered in the line of duty in the capital and surrounding areas... more »

Haiti Prison Break - 8 Inmates escape from Petit-Goave Prison

Haiti Prison Break There is another Prison in Haiti... This time in Petit Goave prison... 8 prisoners escaped at the Prison Civile de Petit-Goave early Friday Morning around 4 am... According to news reports, 3 of the escaped convicts were receiving a life sentence... more »

Haiti - Problem nan Prison Civile de Jacmel - Prisonier yo ap eseye sove...

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti Haiti - Genyen yon gro problem nan Prison Civile Jacmel la... Dapre nouvel yo, gen yon group prisonier ki ale benyen, epi yo refisze retounen nan prison an... La police encercle zone la sanble gen kek ki anvi sove... more »

FLASH - Haiti - Prison Break in Cap Haitien Early Saturday 20 September 2014

Haiti Prison Break Breaking News - There is another Haiti Prison in Haiti, this time in Cap Haitien prison... 5 prisoners attempted to escaped at the Prison Civile du Cap Haitien early Saturday Morning 20 Sep 2014, around 2 am, two were stoped by police and 3 got away... more »

Haiti Prison Break was to Liberate Clifford Brandt, Haitian Police Confirms

After Martelly/Lamothe arrested rich man Clifford Brandt, kidnapping stopped in Haiti for a very long time. Who do they have to arrest this time? The BIG Haiti prison break that took place at the Prison Civil de Croix-des-Bouquets last month was designed get Clifford Brandt out of prison, says police Inspector Genreal Ralph Stanley Jean Brice... Five Haitian police officers participated in the prison break and they were motivated by money he says... more »

New Prison in Northern Haiti to be built by a USA Construction Company

PHOTO: Haiti Prison - Prisoner in Haiti The US Government has just awarded a contract to a construction company in Maryland to build a two-story prison in Northern Haiti, This new prison will be designed to hold 300 prisoners... more »