Haiti Gas Shortage

Gas prices could go up in Haiti soon, or gas companies say they wont be able to supply gas to consumers

Haitian importers of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel and kerosene) announced in a letter to the Minister of Economy and Finance, dated May 29, 2019, that their oil companies will soon no longer be able to supply Haiti with these products.

Dispute between Haiti and a US energy trading firm causing nationwide gas shortage

There is a big conflict between the Haitian government and U.S. Energy Trading company Novum and that's what is causing all this problems with shortages of gasoline and diesel every in the country.

Gasoline an Diesel still hard to find second week in a row in Haiti

Haitian motorist are still complaining about a shortage of fuel, mainly gasoline and diesel, for the second week in a row in Haiti.

Gasoline and Diesel in short supply in Haiti once again

There is a new fuel shortage many parts of Haiti this first week of April 2019. Men with drums of gasoline and diesel are beging to line up in the streets to sell at black market prices.

Haiti - The sale of gasoline and diesel banned in the streets of Ouanaminthe

Ouanaminthe Haiti - The mayor of the city of Ouanaminthe has decided to ban the informal sale of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products in the streets.

What's behind Haiti's gas shortage and power blackout? Read this...

Gas shortage is the hottest topic in Haiti right now but did you know? While Haitians are lined up at the pump hoping and praying for some gas, ships loaded with gas and diesel have been sitting out in the bay of Port-au-Prince unable to offload... Why? Keep on reading...

Gas Shortage in Haiti Causing Panic

Hinche Haiti -- There is big panic in Plateau Centrale Haiti because of a Gas Shortage that has lasted too long... Now public transportation has gone up... Even Taxi motos have increased their prices by 50 percent... Plateau Centrale Residents are not happy about this...

Yo Bay Li... Finally There is Gas in Hinche Haiti

At around 8:30 pm Monday Apr 15 2013, my cousin calls me up and says: "Cousin... Yo Bay Li..."

Bon Repos Haiti - Gas Shortage - Motorcycles Storm A Gas Station with a Little Gas

I was in Bon Repos Haiti with a car running out of gas when suddenly I heard there was gas at the National gas station in Bon Repos.

Mirebalais Haiti - Eighty Dollars for One Gallon of Gasoline

Gasoline is like gold in Haiti these days. I arrived in Mirebalais Haiti last night with a car almost out of gas. I had to pay $20 U.S. for two gallons of gasoline.