Gas Prices in Haiti

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Consumers in Haiti complain fuel pumps are selling gas in the black market

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is a strange situation happening in Haiti right now. Fuel pumps refilled with gasoline diesel one day are said to be empty the next day. Consumers are complaining that many of these fuel pumps are selling gas in the black market. more »

FLASH: Lack of Gasoline and Diesel in Haiti still a problem

National Gas Station filled with Motorcycles during a gas shortage Haitian motorists are still having difficulty finding gasoline and diesel to put in their vehicles in order to move about the country. more »

Every time you buy a gallon of Gasoline in Haiti the Govt loses 89 gourdes

How Many Gallons of Gasoline in a Barrel of Crude Oil? Did you know? Every time you purchase a gallon of gasoline in Haiti, the Haitian government loses 89 gourdes ($0.95 US dollars) more »

Gas prices could go up in Haiti soon, or gas companies say they wont be able to supply gas to consumers

Haitian importers of petroleum products (gasoline, diesel and kerosene) announced in a letter to the Minister of Economy and Finance, dated May 29, 2019, that their oil companies will soon no longer be able to supply Haiti with these products. more »

Gasoline an Diesel still hard to find second week in a row in Haiti

Scene of Motorcycles piled up at a gas station in Haiti looking waiting for fuel Haitian motorist are still complaining about a shortage of fuel, mainly gasoline and diesel, for the second week in a row in Haiti. more »

Gasoline and Diesel in short supply in Haiti once again

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti There is a new fuel shortage many parts of Haiti this first week of April 2019. Men with drums of gasoline and diesel are beging to line up in the streets to sell at black market prices. more »

Haiti - The sale of gasoline and diesel banned in the streets of Ouanaminthe

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Ouanaminthe Haiti - The mayor of the city of Ouanaminthe has decided to ban the informal sale of gasoline, diesel and other petroleum products in the streets. more »

What's behind Haiti's gas shortage and power blackout? Read this...

Gas For Sale by The Gallon In Haiti Gas shortage is the hottest topic in Haiti right now but did you know? While Haitians are lined up at the pump hoping and praying for some gas, ships loaded with gas and diesel have been sitting out in the bay of Port-au-Prince unable to offload... Why? Keep on reading... more »

Did you know : Buying Premium Gasoline instead of Regular is a waste of money!

I just found out, premium gas does nothing for your car except cost you more money! I just read on the Federal Trade Commission's web site that buying premium gasoline instead of regular is a big waste of money! Read this... more »

Haiti Gas Prices - Officials knew raising the price of gas would be unpopular

Haitians protesters decide to burn down a gas station during a street protest A Miami Herald article blames the Haitian government for what happened last weekend. Haitian officials knew any decision to raise gas prices at the pump in Haiti would be on popular but they did it anyway, the article says. more »