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Haiti Education Crisis - Thousands of Haitian school teachers getting paid to teach NOBODY...

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) You often hear about the Haitian school teacher who is constantly on strike because he is teaching students and is not getting paid but did you now about the teachers in Haiti who are getting paid and have never stood in front a classroom? more »

Haiti Education - 4th national assessment of academic achievements among 4th and 7th graders

PHOTO: Haiti Education Nationale - DG Meniol Jeune, Nadine Henri Haiti Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) will hold it 4th national assessment of academic achievements among 4th and 7th graders. more »

Haiti Back to School 2016 - Lots of Haitian Parents are Complaining, NO Money

Haitian Students Many parents in Haiti are complaining they will not be able to send their children back to school next week due lack of money. One parent says: "I am broke, business is bad, I just don't have the money to send my four children to school this September". more »

Haiti - Back to School Scheduled for September 5th 2016

Haitian Students The Haitian ministry of education announced that Haitian students will report back to school Monday September 5th 2016 to begin their school year. Haitians students will enjoy 186 days of class for the 2016-2017 school year until 30 June 2017... more »

Haiti Earthquake Victim Named Valedictorian Of Boston School

PHOTO: Joe Freddy Francois Great News from Haitian Diaspora in Boston MA -- A Haitian Student, Joe Freddy Francois who survived the January 2010 Haiti earthquake has just been named the first ever valedictorian of the Henderson K-12 Inclusion School in Dorchester MA... more »

FLASH: Haiti Manif - Etudiant yo pa vle Minis Education National la rantre nan biwo li

Haitian student running by burning tires amid protests Haiti Manifestation Etudiants -- on group Etudiant BLOKE devan Ministere Education National... Yo kouche devan barriere la maten Lundi 25 Avril 2016 la, yo anpeche Minis education an rantre nan biwo li, dapre radio Caraibes FM... more »

Haiti Online Education - Haiti Launches Its First Online Education Platform

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) Haiti Education Update -- The first online educational platform developed in Haiti, THESS (Technologie Hybride pour l'Education, la Science et le Savoir) has been launched... Now Haitian University students can learn online... more »

Haiti Education - 30000 Teachers to Receive Their Provisional Teaching Licences

PHOTO: Haiti Education - Nesmy Manigat, former Haiti education minister Haiti Education Update -- The ministry of education (MENF) has made available 30,000 provisional teaching licenses (PPE) across the country to teachers across the country... If you have been waiting for your PPE, head to your nearest Direction Departmental d'Education (DDE) more »

Haiti - ALL Schools Closed Monday after Elections

PHOTO: Haiti - Elev Lekol Piblik nou yo (Public School Students) The Haiti Ministry of Education informs all parents and students that all schools will be closed Monday, 26 October 2015, following the election day... Private and public schools are closed... more »

FLASH : Haitian North Miami School Principal Jean Coty Ridore Arrested on Corruption Charges

PHOTO: Jean Coty Ridore Haiti Diaspora News -- Have you heard? Haitian North Miami Senor High's night school principal Jean Coty Ridore was arrested monday on corruption charges... An undercover policeman recorded Ridore taking $1,000 cash to hire him as a no show employee... more »