Stressed out - Life of a BLACK Dominican of Haitian Decent

"I am selling all my houses in the Dominican Republic I am moving to Haiti," says a young black Dominican businessman of Haitian decent. He is literally fed up with life in the Dominican Republic and the racist treatment he is getting over there almost ALL the time.

Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians
Domimican Immigration Officials Chasing Haitians

This young man, let's call him Mario, was born in the Dominican Republic, his mother and father are both Haitians. Mario is a successful business man in the Dominican Republic. He owns a recycling business, he hires Dominicans to work for him, and he owns a few houses in the Dominican Republic.

I met him in Haiti recently and I asked him how the Dominican court's decision was going to affect him... All I did was open a can of worms...

The man is fed up...

"I'm Dominican, " he says, "And you are not... but if I take a Dominican bus in Banica (a border town) with you to go to Santo Domingo, We will be stopped about eight (8) times. Dominican Authorities will ask me for identification all eight times, they will check my bags all eight times... They will not even bother you once just because you are light skinned and I am Black skin..."

The man went on to explain to me how racist Dominicans are towards him. Although he is quite a successful young man, he gets no better treatment then a Haitian sugarcane worker.

"They treat me like an illegal immigrant just me because of my skin color," he says, "I really wish my parents thought me more about Haiti, I would've left the Dominican Republic a long time ago."

Since we met in Haiti, I asked Mario what was the purpose of his trip.

"I am here to buy land," he says, "I just bought two pieces of land in Haiti. I am selling my houses over there, I am selling my business, and I am moving to Haiti."

Mario barely speaks Creole, he speaks with a very heavy Spanish accent. He has allowed me to get a glimpse at the real life of a black citizen in the Dominican Republic.

What do you think?

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Kelly says...

How do you expect others to like you when you DO NOT LIKE your own and crush them all the time?

you kidnap, rape and massacre your own and want others to treat you with decency and

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Ti Jak says...

Zetazini, fwans pou di kek, men gouvènman peyi sa yo foste kodisyon sa yo. Yo di lezòt pou pa respekte

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Marc Evens says...

One of the reader asked about the status of people from Haitian parents but born abroad, I think they could have the Haitian citizenship if they've been registered at the nearest Haitian consulate.

For our brothers and Sisters in DR I think they can just claim the Haitian Citizenship how several Africans

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Sonia says...

Let me start by saying, thank you for all the stories, you take time to bring to us. Thank you. This young man have a lot to learn.

This always happen to most of our black men. I'm an American mother, my son would go shopping with me, the guard is so buzy watching us, he never see the white stealing.

You tell me what you think about the world we leave in?

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Haitian-dominican Status says...

A very simple question regarding the Haitian Constitution: Is one Haitian if one is born outside of Haiti but with both parents of Haitian

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Tonton Michel says...

I feel horrible for the young man. I wish him success in

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Haitian-dominican Status says...

The question is, how you Haitian if you were born outside of Haiti and of both mother and father Haitian

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John Zamy says...

It's a damn shame to see our brothers and sisters are going through all of these mistreatment from the Dominicans and our bastards politicians are fighting over money, self-interest and fame instead of gathering together to find a way to maintain the country's economic in order to bring back these people to their roots and give them a better life than the mistreatment from our neighbor.

We're indeed better than the Dominicans, but it's just that we don't love each other.

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Jb says...

True. I can attest to that. I experienced that once. I was on the bus with my wife and children going to DR. and, shortly after we passed the border.

We were stopped at a checkpoint.

The DR authorities got on for their routine bus inspections.

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Rose-marie says...

Since I read Edwidge's book about the Parsley massacre I have become confused about the relationship of these two countries.

I wonder what the heck is wrong with those Indians in the DR and why they can't stand their black brothers?

I say Indians because I know that Taino's were the first people of Hispaniola.

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