Charcoal in Haiti

Haitians simply refuse to loose the habit of cooking with "Chabon"

They are many Haitians in Haiti who buy a gas oven to cook with propane gas and yet they still use charcoal in the back yard kitchen to cook pretty much everything. What is up with that?

28 Haitians arrested in the Dominican Republic for cutting down trees in a National Park

Environment / Deforestation -- 28 undocumented Haitians were arrested in the Dominican Republic for "conuquismo", the practice of burning of forests in order to make charcoal.

Haiti is closer to losing its rich biodiversity than almost any other country in the world, expert says

Read this... By the year 2035 more than half Haiti's species will be wiped out. Haiti is closer to losing its rich biodiversity than almost any other country in the world, says Temple University scientist Blair Hedges.

Cooking in Haiti: Why do Haitians still use Charcoal to cook instead of Propane (LPG)?

Haiti: CHARBON Vs PROPANE (LPG) -- Based on my experience cooking with propane in Haiti, I truly believe it is more economical than cooking with charcoal. So why do Haitians continue to cook with charcoal?

Will Haitians Ever STOP using Charcoal as a Cooking Fuel?

When I returned in Haiti almost three years ago, the very first decision I made was to BAN the use of charcoal (Charbon de Bois) from my house... No more chabon, not even for ironing clothes... So far, it's been successful in my house BUT... Can Haitians Ever DETACH themselves from charcoal as cooking fuel?

Haiti : Why cut down a Mango tree to make Charcoal?

I came across something disturbing in Haiti today... I saw a couple cutting down a Mango tree somewhere in Haiti to make charcoal (koupe pye mango pou fè chabon dife) and I am having a hard time understanding the reason since a mango tree can produce mangoes that these people can sell...

Charbon VS. Propane - Poukisa Haitien Itilize Chabon Pou Fe Manje Toujou?

Haiti: CHARBON Vs PROPANE -- Haitien telman abitye ak chabon dife, genyen nan yo ki panse chabon bay manje ki bon gou... Mwen fe yon experyans ap propane en Haiti, mwen panse li bokou pli ekonomik ke chabon... SO... Poukisa Haitien kontinye ap itilize chabon pou fe manje toujou?

Matant Mwen di Fok li gen chabon la rekonesans!

Matant mwen sot di-m: "Le-m tounen Haiti, fok mwen genyen yon ti resho chabon kamenm... LOL..."

Haiti Idea Factory - The stove that burns less charcoal

Imagine a stove that burns 55% less charcoal, made in Haiti... The ideas needed change Haiti already exist somewhere out there. It is up to us, pitit peyi-a, to borrow these ideas and bring them home.

Charbon - Charcoal In Haiti - Production Pired

How may people in Haiti do you know have a gas stove in their kitchen and still use Charcoal to cook???