Begging in Haiti

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Les Mendiants en Haiti - Nan tan lontan, mande te konn fet devan legliz, konye a sa chanje

Louis Vuitton - Calabash Bowl - Haiti En Haiti nan tan lontan, se malere ki te konn ap mande devan legliz, konye a, mande vinn tounen you institution nan peyi a. genyen plis mendiants. Moun kap mande nan peyi dayiti vinn pi agressif. more »

Haitian beggars are becoming more creative these days, they want more money

Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes Begging in Haiti has taken a new form... Normally, a poor street beggar will ask you for HTG $5 gourdes, but these new smart beggars are clean cut, well dressed, they ride on motorcycles and they ask you for GAS money... more »

In Haiti, Begging has a new professional touch - Shocking the way people ask you for money

things that make you go hmmm In Haiti, Begging has a new Professional touch... True story -- One late afternoon, a man was passing by on motorcycle in the small Haitian city where I live, he pulled over next to me and asked me: "Pardon me, Sir, you don't know me but I need your help. I have an emergency and I need get somewhere in a hurry, can you by any chance give me 2 gallons of gasoline?" more »