Haitian beggars are becoming more creative these days, they want more money

Begging in Haiti has taken a new form... Normally, a poor street beggar will ask you for HTG $5 gourdes, but these new smart beggars are clean cut, well dressed, they ride on motorcycles and they ask you for GAS money...

Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes
Haiti Currency - 500 Haitian Gourdes

KREYOL: Nouvo mendiant Haiti yo, se sou moto you vini, byen abiye, ap vinn mande w: "Jere m yon galon gas non!" Ki koze sa?

A man walks into a beauty salon in Hinche Haiti, he tells the owner:

"Hello madame, I need a favor from you. I am on my way to Lascahobas and I am short on gas. Can you help me with a gallon of gas?"

Are you kidding me?

One gallon of gasoline in Haiti costs 185 gourdes... If his plan works, he will get HTG $200 gourdes out of the lady.

Do that 20 times in a day 5 days a week. This smart beggar is making 20,000 gourdes per week or 80,000 gourdes a month...

What do you think about that?

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Jean says...

That is a smart way to beg. I have seen that in other other countries

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah/Jahnes love. I am so proud of the "Smart" beggars in Ayiti.

Those who ask (nicely and intelligently) will receive.

And Ayiti has a high unemployment, under employment rate so folks have no other way of getting by other than to ask those who have. Unfortunately, the rich, and the well to do are not very generous.

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