Super Bowl XLIV - Pierre Garcon Represents Haiti

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and the Haitian flag will be waving high in the biggest sports night in the history of football... Super Bowl 44... Why to you ask?

Super Bowl 44 - Pierre Garcon Represents Haiti

Haiti will be represented in Super Bowl XLIV in Miami Florida by Haitian Indianapolis Colts Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon... Yep... Number 85!

Here is MY PLEDGE to HAITI for Super Bowl Sunday...

I will Donate $25.00 to YELE HAITI for every touch down by Pierre Garcon on Super Bowl XLIV

Who else is with me?

Like you, Pierre Garcon was worried about His family and friends in the earthquake in Haiti, watch the video:

(video not available)

With everything happening in Haiti, Pierre Garcon use the Haiti earthquake as fuel to take the Indianapolis Colts to the Super Bowl...

Here are the Highlights, watch the video:

(video not available)

I love New Orleans and my last name is "Saint" Preux which would make me a fan of the New Orleans Saints for Super Bowl XLIV but I have to cheer for the Indianapolis Colts...

That's where the Haitian flag will be waving high...

Usually I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials but this Super Bowl Sunday... I have a vested interest in this game.

Pierre Garcon...

Mete Gason sou bos papa...

Wonfle New Orleans Ban mwen...

Al chache The Vince Lombardi Trophy nan pwent zorey pote vini...

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Josy says...

We can thank Wyclef Jean, because he started the trend.

The younger generation use to be embarrassed to identify themselves as Haitians, so other kids don't pick on them. It was not cool to be Haitian until Wyclef became famous, and show the world he was proud of his country.

It is not only the kids in school, but also some parents taught their children to hate Haiti.

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