Sorry for the lack of news reporting. I've been sick the past couple of weeks

I have to apologize to you for not reporting the news the past couple of weeks. It is because I've been sick. I hope to recover soon to continue to serve you better.

It all started when my one-year-old daughter accidentally kicked me in the eyes while playing on the bed. She hit me so hard that I felt pain in both of my eyes; both hurt for more than a few days.

On top of that. I fell sick to a cold (grippe) that's going around in Haiti these days. This cold comes a fever, chills and back pain.

To add more pain to my misery, I go to the doctor for my annual checkup and he told me my blood pressure is way too high. Need I say more?

So I decided to take a step back for a little bit and make sure that my health is in full working order before I go back to waking up early in the morning to report the news till late in the afternoon. I hope you understand and I think you for your patience.

Hey, if you ever thought about sending me a present, now is a good time. I need money. LOL... and I thank you in advance.

Also keep me in your prayers so I can fully recover and resume my mission to serve you.

Your pal,


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Phil Goldstein says...

hey woodring,
i hope you re gonna be well, i know you are, because you re a warrior, woodring;
listen, your parents still living near
new york?

please remind the address at valley stream?or is it spring valley?i ll write
to you like i did before

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Michele Sylvain says...

I am so sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well. Sometimes it's fine to take a break from the daily routine to give the body a chance to heal itself.

Get well! I do appreciate getting the news from your website, especially when it's about Naomi Osaka.

Un grand

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Guy Laguerre says...

I hope you get well soon and.

sometimes I life thing happened.May God bless you and your family.

Little break it's need some rest. thank you for everything you done for us.May good God bless you all and get well soon .thanks for your good

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Gabart Leneus says...

Hi Woody it's Gabart how are you doing doing now and the family?

Sorry about the kick. She didn't want to kick you in your eyes maybe somewhere else. If you have a baby and you see that he/she doesn't do that kind of movement something is wrong.

So welcome to the father side. Now you're a real

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Georges Eugene says...

Sorry to say me too I am sick. Did not check Facebook since about 2 week.
From my

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Subject: Sorry for the lack of news reporting. I've been sick the past couple of weeks edit

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