Why call it "GOOD Friday" when it is the day Jesus died on the Cross?

Good Friday : Vendredi Saint in Haiti Don't you find it interesting that the dark and bleak event commemorating a day of suffering and death of Jesus Christ is called Good Friday? more »

U.S. Bishops: Haiti cannot handle 50,000 TPS holders going back home

PHOTO: Haitians with TPS fleeing the U.S. across the border to Canada "We're extremely concerned about what's going to happen to these individuals and their families," says Ashley Feasley, director of migration policy and public affairs at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. more »

Why do Haitians consider old people "LOUGAROU"?

Haitian Voodoo - Vodou in Haiti, a vodouisant making her request to the Lwa When I was growing up in Haiti, virtually every old lady in the neighborhood was considered a DYAB, a LOUGAROU. I am older now and things haven't changed that much. more »

Haiti Religion - Eglise SHALOM is Divided

Pasteur Musdain - Eglise SHALOM Haiti Have you heard? Eglise SHALOM Tabernacle de gloire is Haiti is Divided. What happened in SHALOM? What is going with pastor Muscadin? here's what we found out... more »

Easter Recipes - What do you eat on Good Friday?

Haitian Easter weekend This morning I heard some arguements about what people eat or NOT eat on good Friday... No red meat some say... You should really fast others say... What about you? What do you eat on Good Friday? more »

Christianity in Haiti - Why do Haitian Preachers Preach and Encourage Poverty?

Do you go church? Better yet, do you go to a Haitian church? Don't you get the impression that many Haitian pastors are preaching and encouraging poverty on the pulpit? more »

Did you go to church today?

The old Catholic church In Hinche Haiti, this is the oldest cathedral in Island If you went to church this Sunday, I need you to do something for me... Tell me what verse on the bible the sermon was on... more »

Haitian Christians, why mention Satan's name at all?

Haiti Cardinal Chibly Langlois celebrating Mass at St Jerome Church in Brooklyn NY Here is something to think about this morning... Why do you keep mentioning Satan's name while you are in church? Would it not be better to simply praise the Lord and thank him for all he has done for you? more »

Haiti Vodou - Newly Elected ATI National Alcenat Zamor is Dead!

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou Have you heard? The new leader (ATI National) of the the Haitian Vodou religion is DEAD... Alcenat Zamor was was elected on 10 December to replace Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September and 20 days later, he died... more »

Haiti Vodou - Alcenat Zamor become New ATI National replacing Max Beauvoir

PHOTO: Haiti - Alcenat Zamor - Nouvo Ati National Vodou The Haitian Vodou religion has a new leader (ATI National), Alcenat Zamor was elected unanimously to replacing Ati Max Beauvoir following his death back in September... Alcenat Zamor is elected for 7 years... more »