Haiti - Religion - "Notre Pere, qui es au Cieux" Prayer has Officially been Changed...

La Saint Bible - The Holy Bible (French) Holy Jesus! For fifty years, Haitians have been praying "notre père, qui es au cieux" not knowing that there is a 'blasphemous' mistake in it... Yep... There has been an ERROR in the French version of the Lord's prayer for the last 50 years... It is finally being changed... What is the mistake? keep reading... more »

Poukisa Levanjil (Legliz) Haiti anti-sosyal Konsa?

The old Catholic church In Hinche Haiti, this is the oldest cathedral in Island Mwen santi ke anpil moun ki konvèti an Haiti, yo trè anti-sosyal, anpil pastè ap preshe kont kilti, tout aktivite sosyal ou fè, pou yo, se peche. Espesyalman bagay kiltirèl tipik Ayisyen. Compas Direct? NON... Chansonette Francaise? OUI... more »

Haitian Vodou Myth - Mare Lapli (Stopping the Rain from Falling)

A Haitian Grandmother pouring Water on her Grandson Fact of Fiction? Haitians have to power to stop the rain from falling? Some people in Haiti believe it.. They call it "Mare Lapli." more »

Haiti Reforestation - The Mormons Are Planting Trees In Haiti... Wow...

Haitian Mormons Planting Trees In Haiti How often do you read stories like this... The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrated 30 years in Haiti by planting thousands of trees across the country. more »

Pope Benedict XVI Says He Will Resign

Pope Benedict XVI For the first time in six centuries the Pope wants to resign as the leader of the world's one billion Roman Catholics. more »

Haitian Priest Says Haitians Should Kneel and Beg Dominicans For Forgiveness

Francis Haver, Haitian Priest Boca Chica, Dominican Republic - A Haitian priest, Francis Haver, says that Haitians should get down on their knees and apologize to the Dominican people for subjecting it to 22 years of regression... more »

Haitian Christian, Do you have a Problem with Other Religions, Vodou Specifically?

Catholic Church - The New Cathedral In Hinche Haiti True or False? A Haitian Christian will walk into a Chinese restaurant and order chicken wings with pork fried rice even though there is a statue of BUDDHA on the counter with a bowl of rice in front of it, lighting lamps, burning incense, and other offerings in front of BUDDHA... BUT... Should a Haitian restaurant owner dares to add any picture in his/her restaurant that resembles vodou, even as a decor, chances are, that customer may not order, or worse, he/she may never return. more »

VIDEO: Minister Farrakhan And Wyclef One-Hour Haiti Interview

Louis Farrakhan Watch this video --- Minister Louis Farrakhan and Wyclef Jean gave a Radio/TV interview to Haiti Radio Carraibes during his Haiti Visit. Listen to the questions asked and pay attention to Minister Farrakhan's replies... more »

Louis Farrakhan In Haiti for a 5-day Visit

Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan is in Haiti; he wants to learn more about Voodoo... Believe it or not... more »

Did Cap-Haitien Just Declare Holy War On The Catholic Church?

Immaculee Conception, Vierge Marie, Hinche Haiti Cap-Haitien, Haiti - Have you heard? The Catholic church, Notre-Dame du Cap-Haitien, was vandalized on Saturday. The vatican flag was torn and the blessed sacrament was stolen... But wait... There's more... more »