Relationships : Some Haitian Women are atracted to men who are cheaters and liars

This is sad but true, some Haitian women are attracted to men who are cheaters and Liars. Relationship after relationship, you end up with the same type of man and you think it's bad luck?

Moun Damou Pa Kite - Haitian Saying...

En Francais : Amour et relations: Certaines femmes sont attirées par des hommes qui sont des tricheurs et des menteurs

Think about it for a minute. You keep complaining that your man is lying to you and he's cheating on you, you leave him and you get involved in another relationship with another man who does the same thing: He cheats and he lies.

Why do you think this is keeps happening to you?

Maybe, subconsciously, you are attracted to these type of men.

You want a good man who will be good to you but deep inside you are not attracted to an honest man because, deep inside, you love that drama.

You are constantly on the phone telling your friends the drama in your life and you don't think you are attracted to the star of your reality? Wake up girlfriend!

When you really want a good man, you're gonna have to make room for him. You will have to rid yourself of all the emotional trash and you have to prepare yourself the for the new type of man you want.

A wise man once told me. If you are looking to change something in your life, first change yourself and the things you no longer want will simply disappear. The new things you want will materialize before your eyes.

Yo want a good man? Clean up your emotional home and make room for him.

Ladies. Let's talk about this.

What do you think about that?

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Woodring St Preux says...

C'est triste mais vrai, certaines femmes sont attirées par les hommes qui sont des tricheurs et des menteurs.

Relation après relation, vous tu retrouve avec le même type d'homme et tu pense que c'est malchance?

Pensez-y une minute.

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Subject: Relationships : Some Haitian Women are atracted to men who are cheaters and liars edit

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