Regulated Haitians in Dominican Republic asked 14,000 pesos to renew their legal documents

More than 130,000 Haitian immigrants beneficiaries of national regularization of foreign Plan (NWRP) are about to be expelled from the Dominican Republic unless they can come up with 14,000 pesos each...

According to a statement from human rights Support Group to Refugees and Repatriated Persons (GARR), the temporary documents that allows these Haitian immigrants to say in the Dominican Republic will begin to expire mid July.

To renew, these Haitians nationals will need the expiring permit, certificate of no criminal record, medical examinations and $14,000 Dominican pesos, among other things.

What do you think about that?

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Ricart says...


If the Dominican Republic is a BS country, then urge your Haitian brethrens to stop immigrating illegally to that Spanish-speaking country.

And while you are at it, ask Haiti to take its business elsewhere (preferably

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Dr1 says...

Mr. What great analysis you just made. Another prime example of why Haiti is Haiti.

Let us be the BS and go to the "Big Mama..." We won't complain at all. Like I said: Go get what you want from the DR. Let's get this over

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John says...

Who ever said the 14000 pesos is fair you are a big lie to people you can not put US with DR you must know US is a big mama DR is a BS, so MR BS suppose to ask one quart of the big Mama US green card, They are not much job in DR to make money, so DR most ask $ 91.25 in us money to renew the card for 10 years, so when you do the math DR will make, in us money $ 91.25 x 130000 = $ 11862500 in us money.

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Ricart says...

14,000 Dominican Pesos = 304.68 US Dollars.

In the United States, Green card renewal fee is $365 (effective Nov, 23, 2010) and a biometrics fee of $85; Both fee must be paid along with the Green card renewal application form I90; These two fee can be paid together combined in one check or money order.

The fee that the DR is charging Haitian immigrants to renew their legal documents is competitive, fair and

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Dr1 says...

I think is great!!! Really, do you how much it cost actually, let say, in the USA for the same process?

Just because your area is total chaos does not mean the other is. It's called Rules and Regulations.

Really, what is that Haitians want?

Go get it! Let's get this over

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Patrick Princivil says...


Jan biznis drog sa a byen maché an Ayiti, épi pou lidè sa yo paka fè yon jan pou rétiré Ayisyen kap viv seng Domeng nan dézyèm imilyasyon sa a ké yo pwal nan seng Domeng, an nou rélé sou ko nou; sé pa jis séré mas lajan Amériken yo pou yal fè koken an oktob, 2016 la; an nou apran édé sak pagen mwayen yo, san abizé yo, zafè zot kap di: map édéw, men fow banm yon bagay, an nou kité bagay sa yo pou satan ak mové zanj.

An nou tout mété tèt ansanm poun fè yon maraton, épi pou nal rétiré moun sa yo nan fristrasyon ké yo yé la.

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