Rain Storm In Haiti Kill Five People

An unexpected storm hit Port-au-Prince Haiti yesterday, Friday afternoon, and now there are news reports that five Haitians are dead and many others are injured or trapped.

Haiti Weather Alert

It came without a warning...

It is described as a "A short but severe storm with high winds and heavy rain." So sever that roofs of houses were blown away, trees uprooted, and powerlines came crashing down.

The five killed were in a refugee camp, according to AFP news. civil protection official Nadia Lochard told AFP:

"Thousands of tents have been destroyed or damaged or simply blown away by wind gusts. We began evacuating people to schools and other shelters"

CNN reports, "the medical tent [of the camp managed by Sean Penn] was ripped apart as was a tent that housed the group's staff."

Keep in mind, this is not a Hurricane, only sudden bad weather.

What happens, God forbid, if a major hurricane hits these refugee camps?

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