Haiti - Jean Marie Gabriel, host of Matin Caraibes, is DEAD...

Breaking News... Jean Marie Gabriel, one of the hosts of the morning show Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM, is dead... Jean Marie Gabriel died Wednesday night, 12 Nov 2014... Co-host Caleb Desrameaux tweets: "Jean Marie Gabriel pa m nan mouri mezanmi !!! Mon célèbre compère..."

Jean Marie Gabriel - Host of Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM

KREYOL: Men Nouvel... Haiti - Jean Marie Gabriel MOURI... Animatè emission Matin Caraibes la, neg ki konn fè nou ri chak maten an sou antenne radio Caraibes FM lan, Jean Marie Gabriel MOURI yèswa...

News are pouring in on the Haitian social media networks, Jean Marie Gabriel died from a respiratory problem, he had Asthma.

What do you think about that?

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Marianne Delicieux says...

My deepest sympathy to his family, friends & colleagues at the radio station.

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Goddy7 says...

I think it could be better saying Jean Marie Gabriel "died", instead of "is dead".

There's a way of saying things properly..! (My opinion though)
Now R.I.P. JEAN MARIE GABRIEL, a loss of a BIG MAN in our community!

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Fritz Desrameaux says...

La mort de Jean-Marie Gabriel est inoubliable pour touts les Lyceens Lyceennes de Petion-ville.Il fut un homme fort, respectueux,comedien dans les annees78-82.Se te yon homme vanyan li te ye. Nouvel sa tris pou tout Lyceen et Lyceenne.C'a ete vraiment dur.May God bless his soul.

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Serge Ambroise says...

Sa tris ampil sa mwen ka di nan sa RIP Jean Marie Gabriel, que la terre lui soit legere, epitou mwen swete bon courag a fanmi Jean Marie Gabriel.

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Sherlie says...

very sad, may his soul rest in peace

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Maximax says...


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Morilus Zephir says...

Helas pauvre Jean Marie mw pap lage matin caraibe wap toujou sonje w.

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Max Mondesir says...

I don't him, i heard he use to makes people lol.May he rest in peace.

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Haiti Nouvelles says...

Radio Caraibes FM ap pale de Jean Marie Gabriel ki mouri yeswa Mecredi 13 novenm lan. Denye bagay misye di sou Radio Caraibes sou zafe sport: "Maten an, mwen kanpe a Cristiano Ronaldo"

Ti mesye yo pran kouraj, yo ap bay nouvel la malgre yo atriste sou lanmo saa.

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Lynx says...

vraiman tris nouvel

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