Farewell to a Journalism Icon: Remembering Liliane Pierre-Paul of Radio Kiskeya

Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist On Monday 31 July, 2023, Radio Kiskeya announced the death of their famous journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul over the air. The Haitian media was mourning the death of one their best. more »

Journalist Bob C. advises Haitians in the diaspora to stay away from Haiti for the time being

Haitian Journalist Roberde Celine dit Bob C., L'original, le vrai, l'unique en son genre! Radio Caraibes journalist Robert Celine AKA Bob C. is advising Haitians in the diaspora not to come to Haiti right now because of insecurities that is ravaging the country and causing the lives of just about anybody. more »

Haiti Mayor Gabriel Fortune says: RADIO Kiskeya is a Propagandist Radio Station

Liliane Pierre Paul, Haitian Journalist Live in her afternoon news program on Radio Kiskeya, Liliane Pierre Paul reported that Les Cayes city mayor Gabriel Fortune accused her radio station of being a propagandist radio station that was tied under the table of the Privert Interim Government. more »

Haiti - Jean Marie Gabriel, host of Matin Caraibes, is DEAD...

Jean Marie Gabriel - Host of Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM Breaking News... Jean Marie Gabriel, one of the hosts of the morning show Matin Caraibes on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM, is dead... Jean Marie Gabriel died Wednesday night, 12 Nov 2014... Co-host Caleb Desrameaux tweets: "Jean Marie Gabriel pa m nan mouri mezanmi !!! Mon célèbre compère..." more »

Haiti - Radio lot nation pa janm jwe mizik Haitien, Radio Haiti jwe TOUT bagay - Poukisa?

Problem mwen ak MEDIA HAITIEN --- Mwen pase yon ti bout tan Sen Domeng, mwen pan janm tande yon station Dominicain jwe ni Mizik Haitien, ni mizik Jamaicain, panyol selman... Se sòt yo sòt? Inyorans? Oswa yo konnen yon bagay nou menm Haitien pa konnen? more »

ONLY in Haiti - Un prisonnier sorti de prison pour participer a un concours de musique aux Cayes

Jonas Charlot, Un prisonnier sorti de prison pour participer à un concours de musique aux Cayes ONLY in Haiti can a prisoner participate in contest LOL... Un prisonier vient d'être nominé deuxième lauréat aux éliminatoires du concours « Paroles et Musiques » organisé par la Radio Télé Nami aux Cayes... Le prisonnier a été escorté par deux (2) agents de l'Administration Pénitentiaire et deux (2) médecins attachés à la prison civile des Cayes. more »

Memorable Edition of RANMASSE on Radio Caraibes FM, Moise Jn-Charles Unplugged!

RTVC - Radio Television Caraibes FM Haiti Did anybody tune in to RANMASSE this weekend on Haiti Radio Caraibes FM? Se pa Moise Jean-Charles selman non ki te deploge... It was a jaw dropping experience, believe you me... more »

Haiti I Am Sorry - Have You Ever Heard This Calypso Song?

David Rudder - Haiti I am Sorry In June 2009, I was guest at the Tambrin Radio station in Tobago. I was introduced by this strange Calypso music singing "Haiti I am Sorry" and I can't begin to tell you how shocked I was; it was the first time I heard it... more »

VIDEO - Interview - Wyclef Explains His Half-Naked Motorcycle Photo Shoot

Wyclef Jean, Half-Naked on a Motorcycle! Watch this video interview of Wyclef Jean on Power 105 radio as he explains where his nearly naked photo on a Ducati motorcycle comes from. more »

Haiti Election Day - How to Get up-to-minute information

While CNN is covering Japan and Libia, Haiti Election day is being updated by the minute on the Haitian Internet and via social media. more »