Quick Question: Are Haitian Republicans still Happy they voted for TRUMP?

I'm kinda curious so I gotta ask: Are Haitian Republicans still happy they voted for Donald Trump? Everyone's in the community has been quiet about this, no one is saying anything...

Not just republicans, recall Trump went to Little Haiti to try convert Haitian democrats to vote for him. Many Haitians did. Were you one of those Haitians who voted for Trump and are you still happy that you did?

Trump converted many democratic Haitian votes into Republican votes when he promised to be their greatest champion.

"I really want to be your greatest champion," Trump said to Haitians in the Miami Diaspora.

How yerrrr Doin???

PHOTO : Haiti Caricature : Trump says No more American Dream for young Haitians

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Marie Nadine Pierre says...

Jah and Jahnes love. I am not a Republikkklan/Republican.

But, I woulda voted for Candidate Trump because I wanted Billary to lose at all cost!!! They are killing Ayiti people at home and in the U.S. NYC is uninhabitable because of the kkklintonites who came in during the 90s when she took over the Senate seat left by her predecessor Moynihan a known black woman hater and genocider! She claimed that our youths were predators and her husband used out tax dollars to build private prisons that have locked up thousands of our people and destroyed our families while their friends made money from kkkokaine trafficking.

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F Etienne says...

I am a Republican, I voted for Trump and will do the same

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Subject: Quick Question: Are Haitian Republicans still Happy they voted for TRUMP? edit

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