Jah and Jahnes love. I am not a Republikkklan/Republican. But...

Marie Nadine Pierre - August 18 2018, 5:38 PM

Jah and Jahnes love. I am not a Republikkklan/Republican.

But, I woulda voted for Candidate Trump because I wanted Billary to lose at all cost!!! They are killing Ayiti people at home and in the U.S. NYC is uninhabitable because of the kkklintonites who came in during the 90s when she took over the Senate seat left by her predecessor Moynihan a known black woman hater and genocider! She claimed that our youths were predators and her husband used out tax dollars to build private prisons that have locked up thousands of our people and destroyed our families while their friends made money from kkkokaine trafficking.

Mr. Trump is a true blue New Yorker, he is honest, and he says what he means.

He used his own money to run his campaign and there's nothing but what you see. With the kkklintons---another story, they hide, manipulate, traffick kids to sex child molesters and their horrific acts are too numerous to cite at this time. I'm homeless and i have a graduate degree from a Research 1 institution, and their policies against Social Benefits and Housing have a lot to do with my condition.

A BIG HUGE thanks to all of hard work that justice loving Ayiti people like Dahoud Andre, Ezili Danto, Jemima Pierre.

Dady Cheri, Jafrikayiti Jean Elissaint Saint Vil did to bring to light the kkkrimes that the kkklintons committed against Ayiti and her beloved people.

Blessed love.

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