Preval's Last May 18, He Is Leaving As Planned!

On May 18, 2010, President Preval announced on his flag day speech in Arcahaie Haiti that he will step down as scheduled next year at the end of his term, Feb. 7.

There has been a lot of political controversy following a decree he adopted earlier this month that would extend his term by up to three months if a planned presidential election is not held by the end of November.

Some say Preval was just trying to use the earthquake disaster to hold on to power.

Ou kwe sa?

President Preval told the assembly at the Arcahaie Haitian flag day ceremony:

"This is the last May 18 I will spend with you as president. I will go and my heart will be calm."


Is there enough time to hold a credible election in Haiti and have a new president swear in by Feb 7?

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Rza says...

hey!!! i can actually say, this the first time, i can have a convo with another individual about haiti, that we are almost on the same page.
i mean think about it even though you are trying to help another country of course u will put your need and your country first...

like i always tell my girlfriend, i am haitian first and American last just to get on her nerves, knowing that i am American 2nd by relationship not by blood...

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Katy Pier says...

AMEENNNN to that. I completely agree with everything you said. I didnt know that clinton was the god mother of artistide.

Either way i still despise them and think they are a bunch of crooks.

I know that they took their honeymoon in haiti but at the end of the day he was still a former US looking out for american interests no matter how much they loved haiti.

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Rza says...

yea, i do agree, pretty much with everything, u wrote...

Now i understand that Clinton make Aristed sold most of the companies to the Clintons..

i am awared of that did u tknow Hilary R Clinton is the Godmother for Aristide daughter meaning they have a tight bonds..

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Peggy Jean says...

y'all haitian people are crazy.That's all you do talking and talking and more talk.y'all never do nothing, just talking shit, what good that gonna do.Shut up and do something.Take action, if y'all just wanna talk and not doing anything shut the hell up for God's sake. while y'all talking none of you say nothing about putting our heads together to do something if the election don't go the right way.STOP TALKING AND DO SOMETHING DAMN

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Katy Pier says...

yea i fully agree with you that preval leaving will be the best for Haiti but the problem is not haitians (for the most) its the USA. clintons n the bush admin have blood on their hands for what they have done to Haiti.

I despise the clintons acting like they give a damn about haiti.

It is clinton who forced aristide to sell over TELECO, a state owned phone company in which ironically the clintons along with hilary's brothers made millions by owning the assets to the company.

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Ana says...

Even if an election is not held in November that would not be a credible reason for Preval to violate the constitution and stay past his term. Per the constitution, the head of the justice department is supposed to step in when there is a gap in succession.

This whole talk of him staying past his term is so ridiculous to me that I wonder why even bother have a constitution if all you're going to do is violate it?! That's the same thing I asked myself when Aristide was removed 1 year before his term was up. The man was elected, the constitution provides for how long he should stay, when his term is up vote in someone else that is not affiliated with his party if you think the man is that bad. Why bother have rules just to turn around and break them and for what?!!! The end doesn't even justify the means because the people is still suffering and the situation didn't improve.

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Rza says...

yea!!! Preval will be ok, in that case then, if he really cares for Haiti...

He will of have done something for Haiti 2 terms he done not a thing other than full his pockets with that green, the green all Haitians in Haiti goes coocoo for i just dont get it...

i am just praying to GOD that the next one is better then the first fifteen that is all i am hoping and wishing for...

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David says...

My Brother,
It seems to me that you are not that much informed about Haiti.

We haitians are not blaming anyone for our problems, we are telling them that it's enough.

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Rev. Alex Jean-mary says...

I think we, as haitian, have to come together to help the country.

It is not the time to go out having demonstration against the governement.

If we want to come out of the current situation in our country we have to follows examples of Europe after the second world war and those of Japan and Corea.

United we stand, divided we

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Thomas says...

once his term is due, he should to go, they need to start either for Election or or a temporary gorvernment to organize election, or US should just take it over with a clear and open view without causing so much, problems and political

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