POLL: Haiti Senate Greatest Moments

Question: What has come out of the Haitian parliament that you consider to be its greatest moments?

And by that, I am not talking about kicking, screaming, humiliating, or throwing desk and chairs...

Seriously... What are some of the decisions or laws enacted that made you say: "Yes, these senators and deputes are really working in the best interest of Haiti."

I ask in all sincerity... Sometimes we notice the bad things...

Come on... Think of at least one good thing that is deemed 'Good for the nation' that the senators and deputes are doing.

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Jorgito says...

i don't think the parliament do a good thing for the Haitian's population the always plane for their pocket that the reason they don't like to vote (the law blanciman d'argent)because it is not going to be good for

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Etienne says...

Compromise! Maybe?

Well, at least the current prime minister is still standing.

Give them time, it will get better.


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Kiki says...

They teach me about humility.

Or maybe, not so much! I did not want to say how to be "low-down", knee down at the president's feet for favor.

I just wanted to find something positive to say about my chers

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David Grant says...

Even though it may be said that our senators and deputies are not doing much in the interest of the Haitian people; one thing for certain, they are keeping democracy alive.

No one wants to return to the Papa Doc old days of

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Ajl says...

Hahaha! ...

"one good thing that is deemed 'Good for the nation'" ...

Funny that you are asking for something that is quasi impossible, lol...

The "bad things" are so grossly obvious with those overwhelmingly incongruous, openly insensible, self-serving, money-grabbing Haitian senators and deputies! ...

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Richelet Crown says...


I don't hear anything good, I don't know anything much, so if there something good to share, or something good that they done or do, please share, cause I will like to know/hear at least a few good things about them, cause as you mentioned earlier, I myself only heard/hear the bad about

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