POLL: Haiti Senate Greatest Moments

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Topic: POLL: Haiti Senate Greatest Moments

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Hey... I don't hear anything good, I don't know anything much, so if there something good to share, or something good that they done or do, please... read more >
Richelet Crown, 12-Jun-13 9:16 am
Hahaha!... "one good thing that is deemed 'Good for the nation'"... Funny that you are asking for something that is quasi impossible, lol... The... read more >
Ajl, 12-Jun-13 9:30 am
Even though it may be said that our senators and deputies are not doing much in the interest of the Haitian people; one thing for certain, they are... read more >
David Grant, 12-Jun-13 3:47 pm
They teach me about humility. Or maybe, not so much! I did not want to say how to be "low-down", knee down at the president's feet for favor. I just... read more >
Kiki, 14-Jun-13 1:00 am
Compromise! Maybe? Well, at least the current prime minister is still standing. Give them time, it will get better. I hope! read more >
Etienne, 14-Jun-13 3:48 am
i don't think the parliament do a good thing for the Haitian's population the always plane for their pocket that the reason they don't like to vote... read more >
Jorgito, 16-Jun-13 3:46 pm


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