Poetry Night at Le P tit Resto

racinefestival.com/picture-135This Friday night I went to Le P'tit Resto, a Haitian restaurant in North Miami where you can eat some fritay in company of the the greatest poets Haiti has to offer.

I didn't plan to write about this so I didn't take notes.

belfim.com/pictures.php?p=732&...Actually I had my hands burried in a plate of Griot, Bannane Peze, and Acra that my partner Roland Berthold bought for our table.

Roland Berthold is the CEO of www.HaitianYellowPages.com

belpoz.com/picture-1714Amongst the performers were Andre Fouad who had a special performance with Chandel singer Mario Morose, Prosper Sylvain, Jr. a.k.a. Makendal, Susette Morisseau Leroy AKA Wanga Neges who recited a beautiful story with the title "Anba Lanmè".

some of the people present to night were Haitian movie producer Herold Israel, Actress Farah Larrieux just to name a few.

The night as always is ended by Haitian Russell Simmons and self proclaimed Poet of the year Ed Lozama... Oh... Eskize-m moun yo... Mesye Lozana!

Yeap! Friday night at Le P'tit Resto, you will definitely be in the company of stars.

Next time I go to poetry night I will try my best to leave the Griot plate a long and take some notes... Promise.

If you've been to Poetry night at Le P'tit Resto, I invite you to post your two cents here.

Mesye Lozana... Ou ta poste bèl fèt sa-s nan www.belfet.com saw di?

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Garry Emmanuel says...

Hi Everyone,
Gail has made a good point and the guy that he/she pointed out Herold Pierre is an artist that I known back in Haiti during the student movement FENEH.

He was one of the students that move people with his poems, I remember him and he used to sing. His songs were like Bethov or Manno Charlemagne and I had a chance to see him performed at the "Agronomie" in Haiti that was deep seing people clap with a standing ovation.

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Gail says...

I am an haitian from London and I was on vacation in Florida..A friend invited me to "the petit resto" that was fantastic...I enjoy being around artists.

Florida is moving on with that kind of activities, not only you can enjoy the "konpa", but also you can sit back relax and clean up your mind with a warm poetry night..

I love all the performers but there is one poet that still capture my mind with one of his poem. His name is Herold Pierre; his poem titled "an nou priye pou ayiti"..In less than 5 minutes he embraces hatian's story, its bith, its glory and its struggle..I am telling you that poetry should be in our litterature...that is a master piece with no biais...

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Wcazu says...

i live in the southwest part of florida, i would like to visit that restaurant (LE P'TIT RESTO IN NORTH MIAMI) every body is talking about.

please e-mail me the correct Address at my e-mail address: wcazu [at] yahoo.com all i know it's located in north miami.

i tryed to find the phone number and the website at google.

Can't get either

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Yanick Etienne says...

A wonderful and prosperous 2007 to all!! Thank you for all your email and your continued support.

I spent the holidays in Miami with my family.

A good friend of mine suggested that we check out "Le P'tit Resto" owned by Ed Lozama, the Director of WSRF Radio, for their regular Friday "Poetry night".

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Andy says...

Yvette Israel Leroy AKA Waneges...

au lieu de Suzette Morisseau

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