Ou Pa Nan Politik, Pa Vre? A Message to Haitian Christians

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"We Become What We Think About Most Of The Time"
by: Woodring Saint Preux
July 8th, 2005 (New Printer Friendly Version)
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TITLE: Ou Pa Nan Politik, Pa Vre? A Message to Haitian Christians
BY: Woodring Saint Preux

I think today is the right day for me to pass on this
message to the Haitian community.

The message I am about to give you has been on my mind since
the day I heard it.

It’s been almost two years.

I feel a responsibility to spread it beyond the walls of the
church where I heard it.

I heard this message from the mouth of a young Haitian
minister in Spring Valley, New York, while visiting my

It was the first time I went to church since the death of my
brother Dior; it’s as though I was supposed to be there to
hear his message.

I flew all the way from Florida to receive this special
message. Today I will give it to you.

Please pass it on.

The young Haitian minister was preaching from the book of

The young preacher spoke to me that day; I heard him loud
and clear. That day he was not talking about Esther, he was
talking about the Haitian community.

God has given you the power to make a difference, to shake
things up, to save lives, and you refuse to use it because
â€"ou pa nan politik”.

God puts you in a position of power so you can look out for
his children who are weak and vulnerable but you forget your
mission and you abuse your privileges.

God gave you the right to vote so that you can help place
the right people in the right places but you do not vote
because â€"ou pa nan politik”.

And because you do not vote bad people get into powerful
positions and make decisions that affect your life, your
community, your country, the lives of your children, your
future generation.

But it doesn’t matter to you because… â€"ou pa nan politik”

You think being a Christian is only about grabbing you
bible, and coming to church every Sunday.

What was Esther’s Mission? Read your bible

Do you know what you mission is?

How can you really thank God for everything he’s done for
you when you have done nothing for your country and your
countrymen when God put you in the position where you could
make a difference?

God has given you the opportunity to change things yet you
sit here with your Bible in your hands and you do nothing.
In the mean time bad people are killing his children.

â€"Ou lage tout sou kont bondye?

Pa vre?

La jije yo nan dènye jou a?”

How many Jews would be left alive if everyone left it up to
God to deal with Hitler?

God needs hands and brains in order to operate

You just sit there, waiting for a miracle, you who’s
supposed be the faithful, you of all people who know that
God will not come down from heaven and save your country.

These things don’t happen anymore.

What are you waiting for?

â€"Le dernier jour?”

What will your answer be when God asks you: â€"I gave you a
country when everyone else was begging for one. What did you
do with it?”.

Does that quality you for a ticket to heaven?

You do want to go to heaven don’t you?

You cannot go to heaven when things are happening around you
that you can fix and you are too afraid to do something
about it.

You hide behind your bible and you say â€"Mwen pa nan


Tell me one thing that is happening in your life that does
not involve politics.

You say, â€"politik pa gade-m, se bib mwen-m konnen”; in the
meantime, innocent people are dying in your country.

You go to church and â€"Lage tout bagay sou kont bondye”

You’ve done you part, right?

â€"Ou leve peyi-a devan le seyè,” God will take care of
everything, you just sit there and wait.

Every night you lay down in front of your bed and you pray
God and you thank him for giving you a job, a house, a car,
and you think him for bringing you into a great country
where you can leave in peace and have a job, and a house,
and the car, yet the people were you come from are dying
every day because of a system that needs to be changed.

â€"Ou pa nan politik, sa pa regade-w!”

Don't think for one second my friend that the gates of
heaven will be open to you just because you were Christian
and you played it safe.

When you play it safe you die alone!

If you forget why God gave you your opportunity, If you
abuse the privileges that God has given you, if you choose
not to use these privileges to assist those who are less
fortunate than you are, trust me my friend, God will punish

It doesn’t matter how many times you go to church.

So you're not a politician, politics is not your business.

In the meantime things are getting worse and you sit there
and you do nothing.

God has given all of us an opportunity to live in a foreign
country, raise our children, and leave in peace.

The question is why?

Why are we the ones living here?

Why are they the ones dying?

Are we better human beings then the rest of them?

Do we deserve to live?

Do they deserve to die?

We scream and yell when foreigners come to Haiti. We bitch
and moan when the bad apples among us are harming us.

And then we wait. â€"Lage tout sou kont Bondye.”

Do something about it.

That’s why God gave you a voice.

Don't think you came here just because you got lucky. You
came here because you are on a mission.

If you really want to know what that mission is, do what you
do best.


Ask him,

He’ll tell you,

he always does,

it is you who always choose not to listen.


â€"ou pa nan politik”, but politicians are closing down
schools in your community.

But it’s ok!

â€"Lage tout sou kont bondye!”

« Bondye vivan, bondye kapad, Bondye ap resoud tout bagay!”

But not without your help.

God needs hands and brains in order to operate.

I cannot believe that a nation of slaves managed to earn
their freedom in an era where it was impossible to even
think about.

No cell phones, no telephone, no roads, no highways, no
computers, no communication whatsoever.

Only determination and the same divine power that is still
available to you today if you so choose to use it.

So you're safe now, your family is safe too, how's your
country doing?

I have not been to church since the day I heard this message
and it’s the only one I remember!

This is what I think it means

Thank you, Pasteur Demosthènes!

Your message has been delivered.

â€"La Pè Bondye Avè-w.”

Written © by Woodring Saint Preux

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