Original Haiti Declaration of Independence Discovered

Great news! An original copy of Haiti's Declaration of Independence was discovered in London at the British National Archives.


Depi 20 Janvye 1804, Dessalines voye di British yo ke Haiti endepandan...

Yo resi jwen mesaj la...

Dessaline voye-l by King Georges III, men se Queen Elizabeth II ki resi jwennn nouvel la 206 zan pli ta...

Genyen wi laaaa...

Anyway, back to the news

The New York Times writes: There is no prouder moment in Haiti's history than Jan. 1, 1804, when a band of statesmen-warriors declared independence from France, casting off colonialism and slavery to become the world's first black republic. They proclaimed their freedom boldly -- "we must live independent or die," they wrote -- but for decades, Haiti lacked its own official copy of those words. Its Declaration of Independence existed only in handwritten duplicate or in newspapers. Until now.

Who Made The Discovery?

belpoz.com/picture-7700Her name is Julia Gaffield, a 26 year old graduate student at Duke University, 26-year-old Canadian native who became interested in Haiti in 2004 as an undergraduate student at the University of Toronto.

Julia was doing research for her dissertation on the early days of Haitian independence when she stumbled upon Haiti's founding document and a letter written by Jean Jaques Dessalines himself.

The British National Archive writes: The Declaration was attached to a letter sent on 20 January 1804 by Jean-Jacques Dessalines, first ruler and Governor-General of the Republic of Haiti, to Sir George Nugent, Lieutenant-Governor of Jamaica.

This document is only the second declaration of its kind in the world, the first being the US Declaration of Independence, printed on 4 July 1776.

Although a number of reprints of this declaration exist, researchers have long looked for the original printed copy issued by the government, making this discovery even more significant.

Commenting on the find, Oliver Morley, Acting Chief Executive at The National Archives, said: 'It's incredible that the long search for this important document should finally end at The National Archives.

This declaration, sent to the British Government by Haiti's first independent leader, is of great historical importance to both Haiti and the British people, and provides unique insight into the first successful slave rebellion of modern times.'

Here are some interesting pages if you want to read up on this:

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What you think this discovery will mean for the Republic of Haiti?

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Miggy says...

I agree with you a 100% my dear.
It was a manner of my speaking.

I have a great

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Jules C Sar says...

God = Jesus

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Micheline says...


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Miggy says...

Although that we have been through a lot of pain. I feel that this era is truly Haiti's time to shine.

I pray that I get to live to see how things unfold ahead.

This is simply amazing! It is very emotional for me.
Thank God and

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Serge says...

In the words of Joe Bidden,

This is a BIG F---ING

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Damebochie says...

It means that no matter what people think or bad the situation is for us nowadays; we've always been a big nation.

Haiti pap mouri! I am grateful she discovered it and strongly think this document needs to be sent to Haiti and put in our own museum, where it indeed

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