A woman with Haitian, Chinese and European ancestry

If a woman is born with Haitian, Chinese and European ancestry, Where is she from? What is her nationality? What kind of food does she eat?

Some would argue she is "Placeless..."

I am not trying to raise a silly question, shis is actually a written by Anand Giridharadas

In the article, she is called "The Placeless..."

It starts out like a story...

On a deck in Boston, seven friends recently gathered for dinner. At the table was a white American man; his wife, an Italian woman he met in Switzerland; a Swiss citizen raised in Kenya; a German of Korean origin; a woman with Haitian, Chinese and European ancestry; the son of a black American and a German Jew; and an American with Indian blood.

Can you even guess how this story will end?

Perhaps you should read the article:

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Rose-marie says...

so what about beibg born in Haiti, raised in south-america, it seems easy, but what really is ur nationality and 'home', there is a lot too choose from...but it's mighty

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Berbadette S says...

Sorry guys, I posted my blog before entirely reading the article.

I think Mr, Kakar was making an argument from his own past. Although he is very much in tune philosophically with the newly "placeless" people.

Having different places as a place of youth recollection gives you more endurance not less. Because everywhere one goes, one learns to contrast and compare automatically.

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Josy says...


She is from the South of Haiti, and from Cayes.

We have a Chinese gentleman there, and he is in the dry cleaning business.

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Berbadette S says...

Welcome to the new world.

This is typical now days. It is called globalism.

Interestingly nobody raised an eyebrow anymore when encountered a scenario as you have

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Nile says...

she only mentions ancestry not nationality.

her nationality is which ever one she

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