Origin Of Haiti Cholera Outbreak Confirmed, UN Haiti Cholera Report Completed!

Finally, The United Nations admits that the source of the cholera outbreak in Haiti is from fecal matter from United Nations peacekeepers, MINUSTAH in Mirebalais... Well not exactly...

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Read the full Final Report of the Independent Panel of Experts on the Cholera Outbreak in Haiti and you will notice that the experts carefully avoid "the third hypothesis...That soldiers deployed from a cholera-endemic country to the Mirebalais MINUSTAH camp were the source of the cholera"

While the report says it is "a commonly held belief in Haiti." here is how the United nations admitted, without admission, the fact that MINUSTAH soldiers from NEPAL brought cholera to Haiti.

Read this VERY carefully...

UN Haiti Cholera Final Report, Page 12-13: "Contingents from Nepal are stationed in three camps (Hinche, Mirebalais, and Terre Rouge) in the Centre Department

MINUSTAH contingents are deployed in six month rotations. The replacement Nepal contingent arrived in Centre Department between October 8th and 24th, 2010 after three months of training in Kathmandu, Nepal.

A medical examination was completed BEFORE they departed Kathmandu. This examination ONLY included microbiological testing of stools when clinically indicated.

Once the training and medical examination were completed, soldiers were given a 10-day free period to visit their families, wherever they happened to be located in Nepal, BEFORE traveling to Haiti."


OK... So What is the source of Cholera in Haiti?

UN Haiti Cholera Final Report, Page 29: "The source of the Haiti cholera outbreak was due to contamination of the Meye Tributary of the Artibonite River with a pathogenic strain of current South Asian type Vibrio cholerae as a result of human activity."

If you have time, you should read the report and share your opinion about it here...

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Travon says...

A few years ago I'd have to pay someone for this

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Miejo says...

Hello Ben my friend, yes, but you must also understand that the '' people'' need role model, for about 40 years most of us have to travel out the country and the ''people'' left behind din't have any model.

we lost all our educated haitians men and women, but with hope and people like you, like me we shall over come.
and most the haitians have only one thing in their head '' visa'' to get out of the country, they don't have any more dreams for the country.

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Ben says...

Hello my friend
Thank you for your e-mail i like to remind you i still remember Haiti during 1970 were people were frindly, hospitable,secure, honest,and smart.

I am well aware the world has change and we must change with time that i have. Cependant you can not tell me you do not feel the lack of understanding from our Haitian brother when we are in Haiti we are not SOMALIA we have a great pass, have you ever have to deal with someone in the GOV you learn real fast that word does not mean anything at all level.

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Miejo says...

BEN, DO ME A FERVOR please concentrate on reading and learning french and creole confortably, 35 years are no excuses, go to francais facile.com les cours sont gratuits.

But, do not forget our mission is to educate the nation, what is educate the nation?

We must know the true about the haitian people, great people, i love them dearly event when their ignorance is killing me, but I can't turn by back on the people, the are indeed GREAT

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Ben says...

Hello Kampe
Je parle un peu le francais parceque jai etudier jusqua la phylo en Haiti
Cependant apres avoir vecu pendant plu de 35 anne au USA JE SUIS BEAUCOUP PLUS CONFORTABLE EN ANGLAIS.

Le creole je parle mais je ne peu pas lire.Jai lue ta response avec beaucoup dinteret et je pense que ton analyse es correct.

A Bientot mon

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Miejo says...

BEN ( BUT YOU MUST LEARN also CREOLE AND FRENCH) Hi, I am happy to read you again, a lot what you said could be right but the reasons 4000 dead are 5 majors ones
#1-you must know ignorance of sickness in Haiti by 75% of the Haitians, even if they go to see the doctors any one except for the very old person is provoke by bad spirits, any on who died, died because of death provocation excepted for the old folk.
reason #2- then complete ignorance of any '' microbes'' exist, to a point that is a slogan in creol''mikwob ki pou touye ayisien fok li gwose yon bef) the microbe that can kill a haitian has to be big as a cow...

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Ben says...

I could understand you better if you write in

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Marie Elie says...

I knew that tout bagay ki pa bon se haitien mais moin te konin yo tap decouvri yo enfin seigneur

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Josy says...

Where are the Haitian lawyers?

We need to bring a class action lawsuit against the UN, and those families who lost their members to the outbreak need to get paid big time.

The nepalese who dumped their waste in our water should be brought to justice, and go to jail. They prosecute people who have AIDS, and give it to others.

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Miejo says...

BEN, happy to read you again in top of all you said tande saa ; pet la gen 4 cwayans ki ap touye li tou - 1- ignorans li pa konnen ke kolera se yon micwob ki ap soti tout dlo nan kol - apre 3h ap yo diyare lap jete tout dlo nan koli la pe mouri - ki sa lap fe pou sa
2- sak kwe nan bondiye catolik la lal cheche karismatik li yo, tan poul jwen yo pou yo komanse pwiye 3h ya pase = lanmo
3- sak kwe nan potestin al cheche paste le pou yo jwen paste saa ki di fok li fe jenn 3h ya pase =lanmo
sak ki vodouyisan lal cheche boko, ou manbo le yo jwen boko a ou manbo a 3h ya pase =lanmo
Ignorance is the killer we must educate the people of haiti! it's a

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