Once upon a time in Haiti, Poor People lived in Waterfront Properties...

One thing that amazed me in Haiti, after spending too much time in the USA, is the fact that the rich in Haiti tend to live UP the Hill (neg anwo) and the poor live along the river or by the ocean... All of a sudden, Haiti is open for business, there are talks of Hotels, resorts and value being added to waterfront Haiti... It is time for the poor to hit the road?

In some parts of Haiti, the land is worth a hell of a lot more than the tiny houses built on it. These land owners can barely survive; that means they will not be able to develop it themselves in a million years...

Then comes potential investors who see a wealth of opportunity in waterfront Haiti.

The idea now is to move the poor away from the waterfront PRIME Real Estate and further in land.

There's only one problem...

Haitians are very attached to their land. Haitians don't buy and sell houses like in the United States. They tend to stay in the same spot generation after generation.

QUESTION: How will this cultural "barrier" affect the direction that Haiti wants to take?

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Bwa San Fey When it comes to making money those piranhas will do anything. I have seen, in Hawaii, people kicking out their lands, they live in for generations... see more
Reply · December 30 at 9:51 PM
Huguens M "Who will help them?" That's a good question. But the answer is NO ONE will help them. Poor people are powerless. They will just kick them out off... see more
Reply · December 30 at 6:51 PM
Patsey Abner I guess my question is where will the poor go? Who will help them? Will they receive any assistance to help them move? It's a scary situation
Reply · December 30 at 12:35 PM

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Subject: Once upon a time in Haiti, Poor People lived in Waterfront Properties... edit

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