Obama Wins Second Term As President Of The United States

I always knew that President Obama would visit Haiti in his SECOND term in Office! LOL... Well... Part of that dream came true last night... President Obama wins his second term as president of the United States.

Watch Obama's Victory Speech here..

Barack Obama's victory speech (Part 1)

Barack Obama's victory speech (Part 2)

Now... Regarding the second part of my Dream!

President Barack Obama has no more elections to win. It is time for him to CEMENT his legacy

I certainly hope the legacy of the first Black President of the United States INCLUDES ensuring that the first Black nation rises from the ashes!

I guess you could say... "I HAVE A DREAM!"


What do you think about President Obama wining his second terms in Office?

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Charles Jim says...

i am so glad for president Obama may the Lord be with him an all things he about to

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Bernadette says...

Your first and foremost priority should be to EDUCATE your people.

It should not be about what you want them to hear according to your credence and political

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Bernadette says...

Don't waist my time if you don't want to hear the truth or if the truth does not fit your agenda.

I don't have time for this

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Miejo says...

Il faut savoir decouvrir les signes du temps- au lieu de vengeance faites l'amour, donnez l'amour, apprendre a aimer, partager, apprendre a donner, rever...

Il y a un temps pour chaque chose we shall over come. apprendre a rever, rever un jour que le chat et le chien comprendront qu'ils vivent sous le même toit ils doivent s'entendre nous sommes tous sur la même planete nous devons vivre et partir sans trop d'histoire and les noirs ont dit A dream doit se realiser, ensemble nous pouvons oui nous pouvons et pouvons continuer a nous organiser il n'y a pas de porte d'entree encore pour nous vers les autres

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