Noramie F Jasmin, First Female Mayor of Spring Valley NY

Noramie Festa Jasmin made History this week as the first female Mayor of the Village of Spring Valley NY and the very first Haitian-American mayor in New York State.

Noramie F Jasmin, First Female Haitian-American Mayor in New York

Noramie Festa Jasmin, previously a trustee and deputy mayor of Spring Valley, was sworn in as mayor on Monday December 7, 2009, and she is the first woman to hold the title of "Mayor of Spring Valley NY" since the incorporation of the village in 1902.

Click the image below to watch the video:
Noramie Festa Jasmin, Mayor Spring Valley New York

Spring Valley NY is actually where I grew up...

Spring Brook... Represent LOL!

It's great to know, with so many Haitians living in the village of Spring Valley, that they finally have a Haitian-American mayor to represent them.

Haitians are history makers and Mayor Noramie Festa Jasmin (fok nou ba li grad li), with the support of the Haitian community of Spring Valley, proved it once again that, when we get together we accomplish great things.

Ayisyen Haiti yo... N-ap pran not?

Now that Noramie Festa Jasmin is the Mayor... The Magistra... Fo-m diw kisa nou gen en commun!

  1. We went to the same high school: Ramapo Senior High School
  2. We went to the same college: Rockland Community College
  3. If she ever lived in Spring Brook Road... That will be #3... :)

History has been made in my hometown of Spring Valley New York.

On Monday December 7, 2009 Noramie Festa Jasmin made history by becoming the First Haitian-American Mayor in the Village of Spring Valley and in the state of New York.

The event was attended by more than 600 people at the Town of Ramapo Cultural Arts Center. In addition, representatives throughout the state and Haiti were in attendance.

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Fran Beard says...

wow that was exciting.

just moved to rockland county and now researching it....

was elated to see this article only to find out two articles later that she is a crook for taking bribes and was

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Bernadette says...

I think you don't know Spring Valley, NY. There is nothing "ghetto" about Spring Valley.

Spring Valley is one of the nicest subbers and is becoming out of reach for a lot of people to

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Thomas Purdue says...

spring valley is wack and mad ghetto! too many fake thugs and

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Santia says...

gee!! She looks electrified!! Are those eyes fake or not!! if not Try some fake eyes next time and another

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Mystery J In Skb says...

To all my fellow Haitian who's living in the 11th department let us give her a full standing ovattion & support! She 's 1 more of Us who take the Lead in showing the other nations that we're full with Talents! We're the 1st to take our independance wasn't done by sorry or mere

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