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Ever wonder what Haitian Movie is coming out? Who is a Haitian Movie Star? Who is a Haitian Movie Producer? Which Haitian Actor plays in what Haitian Film? What is Happening in the Haitian Movie Industry?

Wonder No More!... Introducing...[bb]
Representing the Haitian Motion Picture Industry

Are you looking for a place where you can give your opinion about your Favorite Haitian Movie or your favorite Haitian Movie Star? has a separate message board for each Haitian movie and each movie star (Click on "Msg Board")

The Haitian Movie industry is growing rapidly and the films are getting better and better.

Haitian Movie Producers need your support.

Haitian Movies are even available on DVD now. You can watch some of them in FRENCH or in ENGLISH - Example (Wind of Desire by Wilkenson Bruna).

Other Haitian Movies are subtitled in english - Example (I Love You Anne by Richard Senecal).

Haitian Movie Producers are doing their very best to reach out to the young Haitian Americans. They represent Haiti's future of Haitian and they have huge buying power.

Right now, a young Haitian American is more likely to dish out $16.99 on a new Hip Hop CD than $12.00 on a Haitian CD.

Hopefully the Music Industry can change that.

We have to support our culture first. It is a must.

We can no longer allow our Haitian Stars to die in poverty... not after they have entertained us for so long.

Besides, If we cannot admire them for their wealth as well as their talent. what reason will a young haitian have to pick up where their left off and carry the torch to the next generation?

Fouye! Generation... We have a lot to think about... The future of our country is in our hands.

Since these young Haitian Americans are very aware of their Heritage, The Haitian Movie Producers are presenting them with a brand new product that is 100% Haitian, and in the same package, something that can be shared with their American Friends.

A Haitian Movie in English means that we are opening ourselves and our culture to rest of the world.

Let's not kid ourselves...
ENGLISH is the universal lanquage of Business.

I am not asking anyone to get rid of creole our official language (what french?) but I think it's a good idea to target the global market.

Haitians are moving from the "Piès Teat on Video"
to full motion pictures... did you know that?

While the whole world is looking at our country as
the poorest Country in the western Hemisphere,
our people and our culture are evolving to new heights.

I am happy to introduce this Brand New Haitian Website
designed especially to help promote Haitian Movies, Haitian Actors, and everyone associated with the Haitian Motion Picture Industry.[bb]
Representing the Haitian Motion Picture Industry

I believe with all my heart that Haiti will change. it is already changing and it will continue to change for the better if we all contribute in the promotion of our culture.

  • We are very rich in culture,
  • We are very rich in History,
  • We don't need outsiders to tell us that

Let the world continue to mention "Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere"

As for yourselves, my Haitian brothers and sisters, this is what I want you to say...

Yap Pale... Nap Travay!

Let us help each other,
Let us support each other's businesses
Let us DECIDE to get along - Very important!
Let us reach out and help the little people

Our culture is preserved through our music, and our movies.

Let us do our part and support our Haitian Artists and
everyone who work behind the scenes is my countribution to the Haitian Music Industry is my countribution to the Haitian Motion Picture Industry.

This is not an easy task...

Wish Me Luck!

Woodring Saint Preux

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All Comments (6)

Amina says...

Much love

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Schiller says...

I'd like to say Hi to my favorite actress Michelle Judith Jeudy(Mme

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Jean says...

alelouya is a haitian movie with english caption, check it out on youtube.

by the way, i am a haitian boy trying to speak english fluently.

i m looking for more haitian movie with english sub. my email address is " mineur93 at"
any help would be

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Bernadette says...

Wish you the best of luck, Woodring.

What you are doing is uplifting and needed.

On the same note, Richard Senecal is doing a documentary on Haitian students and their lives in Santo Domingo.

He needs financial support.

I wish that we all could support him in putting to light this

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Robert says...

I am an American guy trying to learn Haitian Creole, and I'm looking for Haitian movies with English subtitles.

The only one I've found is "I love you Anne".

Do you know of any other titles and where I can buy them?

Any help would be appreciated.

My email is geigerrr at

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Topic says...

Hi, Woodring,

That's a very good initiative.

I hope that our fellow Haitians understand the need to support Haitian Arts and Music.

There is also a need to be competitive, a need to move forward and reach a broader audience.

Consequently, everything we do must be a challenge, and we must prove to ourselves that we can achieve our goals on an international level.

Keep faith

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